Thursday, October 8, 2015

Seeing You Again - Book Beginnings on Friday and The Friday 56

     Is a red sequined dress enough to catch a husband's attention? In this short and sweet romance, Joselyn Vaughn introduces us to a couple whose marriage has lost its sizzle. But an evening with a bunch of zany senior citizens may shake things up.
     I enjoyed this story on many levels. First of all, the hero and heroine seem like real people, and they have real love for one another. They just happen to be in a slump! I also like the inclusion of men and women from the retirement home. They add humor to the story and show that just because you've grown older doesn't mean you don't know how to have fun.

Genre: Sweet Romance
Book Length: 50 Pages
Amazon Link: Seeing You Again
Author's Blog: "Romance With a Case of the Giggles"

Book Beginning:
Chaperoning? His wife didn't know him at all. Sam flicked a speck of dust off the charcoal suit hanging from the bathroom door. He could be settled in his easy chair with a bowl of popcorn and a college football game on the television instead of stuffed into his Sunday suit, making sure his mother didn't take another ride in a police car.

The Friday 56 (from 56% on my Kindle):
One cup of punch laced with tequila, and he was as befuddled as if he had consumed half the bowl. A sequined silhouette appeared in his imagination, and he realized she was more than likely the source of his befuddlement.

After twenty-five years with Sam, their lives revolving in circles that barely touched let alone overlapped, was it time Margie consigned their marriage to an album of faded photographs? The Christmas ball at her mother-in-law's retirement home would either be the final straw for their failing marriage or the perfect chance to reignite the old flame. Can the happy-go-lucky shenanigans of the retirement community remind Margie and Sam that falling in love has no age limit?

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  1. My. My. the cover is so cheesy. I hope the book is an improvement on it. Ha!

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  2. This one sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing, and I now want to know more.

    Here's mine: “THE LIARS’ CLUB”

  3. Tequila will do that to ya! LOL

    Here's my 56 -

  4. This sounds like a good one! And such a very realistic premise, the meh marriage, but love is still there waiting for an awakening.

  5. It's would take even less tequila or any other liquor to do that to me! LOL Please check out mine...

  6. I like how this sounds. Fun short reads are something I need when bogged down in a long book.

  7. I must admit that popcorn and a football game sound very good to me. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  8. Sandra, thank you so much for sharing Seeing You Again. It was a fun story to write. :-)

  9. I love this book beginning. When I got to "... making sure his mother didn't take another ride in a police car", I cracked up. :)
    @dino0726 from 
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  10. I actually like the cover - thanks for stopping by my blog too. Looks like a quick book to read.

  11. This isn't a book I would normally pick up, but it seems interesting enough.

  12. This looks like a fun and sweet story. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Happy Friday!

  13. Now that's spooky, "His mother police car."

  14. Sounds good to me. Happy weekend!

  15. I want to read this one. I'm adding it to my list.

  16. Hi Sandra,

    This one sounds a bit too 'Mills & Boon' for my liking, although I have been known to read the odd one of those, when I have been in desparate need of a short, easy book fix :)

    I am wondering just what Sam's mother gets up to in the retirement home, that ends up with her 'taking another ride in a police car'!

    Have fun reading this one :)


  17. Sounds really sweet!

  18. Hi,
    Sounds like a good book for the afternoon, curled up on the sofa. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

  19. Chaperoning his mother? That's a woman I want to know more about!

  20. I like the sounds of this.

    The cover seems so "old."

    Have a great weekend.

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  21. That must be some punch! Or he had a mighty big punch cup. :)

    Thanks for always participating in BBOF! I don't often get around to everyone to leave a comment, but I am always happy when you share your book beginning!

  22. This sounds fun and it sounds like Sam's mother is quite a character!

  23. That cover is quite the throwback hahaha! But then with the author's blog named "Romance With a Case of the Giggles" makes me think this is a lot of fun!


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