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Several of my essays have been published:
I have also participated in the Boomers & Books blog on occasion. It's inactive right now, but here are links to a few of my favorite posts:

BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY - a sweet contemporary romance, available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon: Bluebonnets for Elly

I.O.U. SEX, co-written with Sandra Allen, tells the story of three Baby Boomers who search for their high school boyfriends, decades after graduation. Here's the link to eBook and paperback versions on Amazon: I.O.U. SEX

Sandra Allen and I have a separate blog for our co-authored book I.O.U. SEX. You'll find it HERE.


  1. Sandra I have read your first book and it certainly has me eager to read this new one. Your accomplished writing and the captivating way you posses for keeping one's attention is far better than most.

    Thank you for this new read which I am sure will be as good if not better than the first!


    1. Thank you, Mamie! I hope you enjoy Bluebonnets for Elly.


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