Monday, August 17, 2020

Auburn #Art on Main

Recently I took a walk down Main Street in Auburn, Washington, to check out the current public art installations. Here are some of the delightful creations on display. Descriptions of the art were taken from the City of Auburn website.

Artist: Ann Danis
Title: Seahorse
Medium: Stainless steel body and armature with steel nose
Location: 10 East Main Street (#5)

This whimsical fork seahorse, created by Elizabeth Ann Danis, is one in a series of seahorses created in Studio B.  It represents the joy of nature and our responsibility to protect all the creatures of the earth,  but sea creatures in particular. We are all in this together.
Artist: Tom Benedict
Title: The Corkscrew Juniper
Medium: Rocky Mountain juniper wood
Location: B St. NE & B St. parking lot (#8)

Rocky Mountain Junipers  grow for hundreds of years in some of natures’ most inhospitable places. “The Corkscrew Juniper” celebrates the refined beauty, and tortured endurance of these amazing trees.

Artist: Cyrra Robinson
Title: Reflective Balance
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: 10 East Main St. (#4)

This sculpture is about reflecting upon our actions in order to bring balance to the universe, so that we may experience freedom. 

Artist: Chuck Fitzgerald
Title: Strawberry
Medium: Stainless steel and polyurea
Location: D St. NE & Main St. (#10)

Because the northwest is well known for its berry production I decided to create a "pop art" version of the strawberry on a fork.

Artist: Pat McVay
Title: Cow That Tried to Jump Over the Hamburger
Medium: Single block of salvaged cedar
Location: B St. NE & Main St. (#7)

Cows are vegetarians, as you know
And they really are built to mow!
They can’t get that high
Away up Into the sky
Dreaming of jumping if she could
But actually, she really did pretty good!

Although not part of the street sculpture display, I like the way this storefront supports the Auburn Symphony Orchestra. 

More photos of all the sidewalk sculptures, along with descriptions by the artists, can be found on the City of Auburn website: HERE

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