Friday, April 19, 2019

Grand Ridge #Hike in Springtime - Jo's Monday Walk, #SaturdaySnapshot, & Our World Tuesday

Snow drifted down as we stepped out of the senior center van on my first hike at Grand Ridge Park in 2017. Last week raindrops replaced the snowflakes. I prefer the rain. (Issaquah, Washington, USA)
(Click on photos to enlarge)

Misty rain added to the quiet forest atmosphere

Creeks and rivulets swelled from recent rains

Some early flowers and bushes greeted springtime: trillium, bleeding heart, salmonberry bushes, curly fern fronds, and more.

Is it a flower? No, it's an oyster mushroom. We saw several
clusters of these beautiful mushrooms on our hike. This one
is about the size of a cantaloupe.

Photos from my previous hike in Grand Ridge Park in January, 2017 are HERE. 

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Buffalo Gal - #Friday56 and #Book Beginnings on Fridays

Buffalo Gal
What do a runaway bride and buffalo ranching have in common? And then there are the UFOs! You'll find out in Lisa Wanttaja's delightful romance novel, Buffalo Gal. I enjoyed the way the author made the North Dakota setting a part of the story (torrential rain, tornados), as well as her depiction of the heroine as a strong, independent woman. Lots of humor, too. Good writing.

Book Beginning:
Dr. Andrea Moore stared at the clock on her bedroom wall with rising terror. Two more hours and it would all be over. She'd be married.
     She tried to tell herself her nervousness was simply pre-wedding jitters. But she knew it was more than that.

Friday56 from 56% on my Kindle:
"It could be dangerous to stand in the way of our investigation. You don't understand what you're dealing with."

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 246 Pages
Where to Buy: Links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and More


     On the morning of her wedding, veterinarian Andrea Moore knows she’s making a mistake. When she learns she’s won a buffalo ranch, she runs off to North Dakota but finds herself in the middle of what could be an even bigger mistake. The ranch she’s won is not only home to a herd of bison but also run by a man who can’t hide his hostility.
     Foreman Mike Winterhawk worked long and hard to buy the ranch himself, only to have it handed over to some contest winner. His focus needs to be on why the bison can’t bear calves instead of teaching this city slicker in ugly green cowboy boots how to run a ranch. He can only hope she’ll quickly realize she’s out of her league and hightail it back to Seattle.
     So, why is he so attracted to this intruder, and why does he feel she might be the one who can help him turn White Thunder Ranch around?


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Friday, March 22, 2019

#Alki Beach, #Seattle - Saturday Snapshot and Jo's Monday Walk

Some of the sights on a rainy day at Seattle's Alki Beach. 
Trivia: Alki (ælkaɪ) is a Chinook word meaning "by and by," the unofficial state motto of Washington.
(Click on photos for a closer look.)

Luna Park
In 1907 a saltwater natatorium was built for the Luna Park Seaside pleasure resort. (Known as the "Coney Island of the West.") Housed in a large airy building the swimming pool remained in operation until it was burned down in 1931. In the 1950s its cement walls were filled. Deemed unsafe, in 2004 the seawalls that once enclosed the swimming pool were demolished. 

Here's Luna Park today. Bike-share bicycles are parked all over the Seattle area.

View of the Seattle skyline across Elliot Bay (from Luna Park)

Condos have replaced many (but not all) of the bungalows that once lined the shore.  

Statue of Liberty
According to Wikipedia: The Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty (at Alki Beach) is a replica of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. A gift from the Boy Scouts of America, it was installed at Seattle's Alki Beach Park in 1952 and has since been recast in bronze to repair damage from vandalism.
(Note: She's not the same lady as the original, but the idea is the same.)

Whales are still sighted in Puget Sound off Alki Beach's shores.

A lighthouse, built in 1913, still guides mariners safely through Puget Sound.

The paved walkway along the water is a great place to walk or bike. With a separate lane for bikers and a wide paved path for pedestrians and runners, it's a popular place to be, especially on weekends.

More pictures from Alki Beach can be found in earlier posts: 
Luna Park's colorful history can be found at

PS: Need inspiration to start exercising? This article says it's not too late to start: Older Adults Start Exercising

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Friday, March 15, 2019

#Amazon #Spheres - SaturdaySnapshot and Jo's Monday Walk

Last Saturday I posted photos taken at Amazon's Spheres (here). Today I'm adding a few more.

Before entering the Spheres, we stopped at The Understory. That's a mini-museum where docents give an overview of the Spheres and answer questions. One wall displayed gorgeous photos like this one. The screen took up the whole wall.
(Click on photos for a closer look.)

Here's what we saw at the Spheres.

Tree Aloe - Mozambique
Huge trees stretched from floor to ceiling. Most of them
had orchids and bromeliads in their branches.
I'd love to visit when those plants are in bloom.
Pathways led through lush plantings and allowed close-up views.
Many of the plants were labeled.

Unfortunately, this plant wasn't labeled.
What is it?

Streams meander through the foliage.

Outside, the facility included a dog park.

Bikes to rent, too.

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