Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Story Starters - October 21

     Just for fun, I'm playing "Story Starters" today. Jenn, host of A Daily Rhythm blog, makes up starting sentences and participants use them to create a paragraph, short story, whatever! Link back to comments on today's A Daily Rhythm post for other creations with the same opening sentences HERE.
     With Halloween in mind, here's my scene. Jenn's "Story Starter" is shown in red.

She never spoke, never made a sound. But the look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen.

I stared at the weapon she held, raised my hands above my head and backed away. “No. Please. I promise I’ll never do it again.”

She shook her head. With an evil grin she gripped the trigger and squeezed, sending a spray of water across the pansies I’d crushed with my bike, soaking me from my ponytail to my new patent leather Mary Janes. Shocked and dripping, I pushed a soggy curl from my forehead. Before I could say another word, she aimed the sprayer down to the flower bed at my feet where the spurt of water spewed a shower of dirt onto my lace-trimmed socks. Mama would kill me.

I burst into tears of rage, mounted my bike, and wheeled away. “I’m gonna tell,” I shouted over my shoulder.

Her witchy cackle sounded in the distance.  

But she knew I wouldn’t say a word. After all, Halloween was coming soon and everyone in the neighborhood knew old Mrs. Crenshaw’s power would be especially strong on that night. I didn’t want her to focus her evil magic on me. Besides, if Mama knew I’d smashed Mrs. Crenshaw’s flowers, she’d be angry with me too. I couldn’t take a chance on missing out on trick-or-treating this year because of one silly mistake.


  1. Well done! I like it!

    (and just for the record, I have gotten my Story Starter inspirations from Pinterest -- most of them are NOT my own) ;)

  2. Thank you, Jenn. I hope this idea starts to take off!

  3. I'd like to see you go with this story starter! Sounds like lots of fun.

  4. Nicely done.

    Cute idea for a meme.

    THANKS for sharing it with us.


  5. This was fun. It felt good to let my imagination take over.

  6. I have seen this around and thought about giving it a shot...Great job.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes


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