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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I've been writing one thing or another since childhood. I wrote my first romantic story in elementary school, in pencil on lined paper. The heroine got a kiss as the happy ending. I still have diaries from my school days, one of which inspired I.O.U. SEX, my first book co-written with Sandra Allen. 

Besides Dallas, I've lived in Irving and Beaumont, Texas; Miami, Florida; and now Washington State. I love to travel and keep journals (written and photographic) of each trip. Most exciting and memorable place I've been? I walked from Leon to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with my daughter-in-law and her mother. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I'll treasure always.

When not writing, I like to make quilts, sew, garden, take photos, lunch with friends, travel, and (like Granny in BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY) spend as much time as possible with my granddaughter.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you will write next!

  2. I like the new format; I like the looks of it and the colors and the focus. Sign me up!

  3. Looking so forward to your blog Sandy! Congrats on the page:) I subscribed right away!

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Nice blog. I left you a reply on my e-blogger account. This is really frustrating. I had to start this blog to participate in the Pavilion Party promotion, but it is full of glitches. My other blogs are on WordPress, and they appear much simpler.
    Good luck and many sales with you paperback release.

  5. So many of us raised in Texas and transplanted to the PNW! I lived a few years near Beaumont and grew up in the Hill Country, but I'm a proud Portlander now. Still went back to Texas for the release of my first novel, though. :)

    Glad to have found your site (via your post on Dan Berne's book -- I saw him read here in Portland).

  6. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me after you found out that I was an online friend of Judy. I am limited with time on the computer due to medical reasons, but I am trying to get filled in on your writing/books and other information. Thank you again.

    Cynthia Blain

  7. So glad I found you, Sandy. I moved to WA from Chicago ... people there would be standing in 6 feet of snow and say, "But it rains out there!" Thank you for subscribing, and I think I'll tag along after you.

    1. Thanks for following my blog. Seems like most of us here in WA are from somewhere else. I retained my hometown accent, however.


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