Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweet & Historical Romance Blog Hop

Here's a chance to meet some great authors and take a look at their books. A group of writers from Sweet Cravings Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing have joined together for a giveaway today and tomorrow, featuring historical romances and sweet romances. Be sure to visit every blog along the way for excerpts and a chance at some great giveaways (including a $25 gift card!)

Here's a scene from BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY*, followed by details of how to win a free ebook copy. FYI: Reader's Favorite says, "This was a well written romantic comedy with a hint of mystery and enough kooky characters to keep you interested right from the beginning."

After lunch, Derek drove them to the home improvement store to buy locks and hinges, then to a nearby supermarket before taking Elly home. When he stopped under the carport and turned to her, he leaned forward as if to give her a goodbye kiss. She shook her head and pointed to the trailer. Sure enough, the blinds were parted with Granny’s face visible inside.
To Elly’s surprise, Derek put the truck into reverse and backed out of the driveway. She turned and asked, “Where are we going?”
“Not far.” He drove back through the neighborhood’s gate, took a left, and stopped by a roadside park. With only birds and squirrels as witnesses, he turned to Elly and pulled her into his arms. She lifted her hands to his neck and ran her fingers through the dark hair above his collar. When his lips touched hers, a wave of heat surged from her lips all the way to her toes.
Leaning back, Derek smiled and brushed Elly’s curls from her cheek. “I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I picked you up, and there’s no way Mrs. M was going to stop me.”
A blush warmed Elly’s cheeks. She leaned forward and they kissed until she could barely breathe. When his tongue explored her mouth, she leaned even closer, tilting her head, savoring his taste. Derek’s lips moved from her mouth along the curve of her jaw to a sweet spot right beneath her earlobe. She caught her breath when goosebumps traveled along her arms.
When they stopped to catch their breath, Derek looked around as if expecting someone to tap on his window and ask them to move along. Then he chuckled, and the low rumble of his laughter warmed Elly even more. “I feel like a teenager, making out in the car, don’t you? I guess I’d better get you home.”
Elly nodded and moved back to her side of the truck.

He’s right, of course. But, ooooh, he’s a good kisser.

*BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY falls into the sweet category. There's plenty of fooling around and sexual tension between Derek and Elly, but when they get down to the nitty gritty, the bedroom door is closed.


Leave a comment below (along with your EMAIL ADDRESS) for a chance to win an ebook copy of Bluebonnets for Elly.

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  1. The cover of the book is gorgeous, and I like the sound of the story.

  2. Love the cover,thanks for letting me stop by,

  3. Bluebonnets sounds wonderful Sandy:)

  4. I loved this book. It had suspense, adventure, and sweet romance.

  5. This sounds like a delicious romance. I always liked the name Ellie ever since The Beverly Hillbillies


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