Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coulda Been a Cowboy - The Friday 56 and Book Beginnings on Friday

     When I started reading COULDA BEEN A COWBOY, I sort of expected the football super-star (Tyson Garnier) and the nanny (Dakota Brown) to take one look at each other and fall madly in love. But that’s not what happened at all. Dakota leads a grim life—living in poverty and committed to caring for her ailing father. Tyson has just obtained custody of his son, the result of a brief fling. He’s a good man who just wants to do what’s right. Since he's clueless about child care, he hires Dakota to be his son's nanny. 
     Author Brenda Novak has done a great job of creating interesting and believable characters, and she tells a good story. Of course, since this is a romance, you know there's a happily-ever-after or happy-for now ending. But I enjoyed the characters' journey to that happy finale.

BOOK BEGINNING - (FYI: Every chapter starts with a quote from Tyson's grandfather):
       Grandpa Garnier: If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.
       She seemed ideal: slightly overweight, older than the typical groupie and definitely on the frumpy side. All of which would keep things as simple as Tyson Garnier needed them to be.

FRIDAY 56 (from 56% on my Kindle):
       "Where were you?" he asked, shoving his seat forward so he could stow his bag behind it.
       She didn't want to tell him she'd spent two hours at Planned Parenthood and started on the pill, as he'd suggested. She was still in denial about maybe needing the protection. "Shopping for clothes for the party."

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 288 Pages
Amazon Link: Coulda Been a Cowboy (#8 Dundee, Idaho Series)
Other Books by Brenda Novak: Amazon Author Page

     Grandpa Garnier used to say, Love is like a bucking bronco. It takes guts and determination to hang on, but it's worth the ride.
     If only Grandpa was around now to help Tyson Garnier out of this mess. The famous pro football player is suddenly saddled with a very public scandal—and an illegitimate child. Tyson needs a good nanny now if he's going to salvage his career. And plain, no-nonsense Dakota Brown is the ideal candidate.
Dakota doesn't care for football—or for a man who doesn't seem to want his own son. But she needs this job, and that precious little baby needs her.
Dakota isn't Tyson's kind of woman. But the more he sees of her—and the more he sees of his son—the harder he wants to hang on.


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  1. "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging."

    If only it were that easy :/ I like the idea of starting a chapter with a quote; I love quotes and it probably helps set the mood for each chapter too. I could already get a feel for Grandpa Garnier: loving, caring, inspirational, wise, super funny. Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. A fun way to start each chapter. Things like that draw me to a book.
    The romance is refreshing too. No insta love:)
    Here is my 56 -

  3. Sounds like a good read. Glad you enjoyed it.

    My Friday post:

  4. The wonderful cover art pretty much says it all but it takes work with relationships. This sounds interesting and one that I would enjoy reading, thanks!

  5. Grandpa's advice sounds like a good idea. Quit digging before you get in even deeper.
    sherry @ My Friday Memes

  6. I have really enjoyed Novak's previous books and this sounds really fun. I'll have to look for this one.

  7. I still haven't read a Novak book. I like having a quote start each chapter and I can feel her pain at being in denial.

  8. Sounds like a cute story, although probably not my cuppa. But I think it would make a great movie! Hope you enjoy the read.

  9. I like a romance where the journey is long, slightly rough, and ultimately more satisfying! Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “FRIENDSWOOD”

  10. My sister is a great romance reader. She'd love this one!

  11. The Harlequin Superromance series is one of my favorites. Also, love Brenda Novack's books. Sounds like a good one.

  12. I like these two little excerpts, got me excited about the book!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  13. I like that quote. Sounds like an interesting book.

  14. I love Harlequin books. They are perfect for certain types of days...

    Happy weekend!

  15. Does the books take place in Idaho? Is that why it is called the Idaho series? Just curious since I live in Idaho : )

  16. I don't care what people say about reality. I want my books to end in a happily-ever-after.

  17. Sounds good...ENJOY!!
    Thanks for stopping by my Book Beginnings post earlier.


  18. What an interesting way to start each chapter, like a reminder: listen to your elders :)


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