Monday, January 12, 2015

A Love Beyond - First Paragraph / First Chapter and Teaser Tuesday

In A Love Beyond (contemporary romantic suspense) AJ Owens vows to retrieve the horse stolen from her family by Mike Towers. Chance Landin wants to prove that Powers destroyed several thoroughbreds for the insurance money, a crime for which Chance's uncle has been falsely imprisoned. Both AJ and Chance are pretending to be what they're not, but neither one knows the other's agenda. Their lives intertwine as they work to bring down Mike Towers in this romantic thriller that spans the Texas-Mexico border at Laredo. 

This book is beautifully written and nicely edited, and the plot kept me turning pages from the opening sentences until the very last word.
I'm giving it five stars. 

First Paragraph:
On the banks of the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas
      The river, black and barely visible, slid silently past. Trees pressed close to the bank, leaving only a narrow strip along the water's edge, and AJ Owens set one foot in front of the other cautiously. She was unafraid of the water, but not eager to be found out, whether by one of the law enforcement agencies screening the river for illegal activity, or by any of the criminal agents plying their trade alongside the fabled Rio Grande. Unconsciously she tightened her hold on the worn leather reins in her hands. Slight rustling in the brush startled her, making her stiffen and stifle a gasp. Alongside her, the chestnut Thoroughbred balked, throwing his head up in alarm. His snort echoed through the still night, sending some unseen smaller animal scurrying off into deeper cover.

Teaser Tuesday (from 64% on my Kindle):
She'd accepted a strange man's invitation to spend "a while" at his ranch in a foreign place. An invitation that came with the implied understanding that she wouldn't come and go, but stay there as tradition dictated. Even her friends would claim that was inviting disaster.

Genre:  Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Length of Book: 214 Pages
Amazon Link: A Love Beyond
Author's Website/Blog: Leslie P. Garcia Blog "Return to Rio"

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  1. I love a good romantic thriller, and this sounds like it fits the bill. I am glad you enjoyed this one, Sandra.

  2. I'm with her friends, that does sound like inviting disaster! Here is my TT for this week

  3. I like the suspense in the first paragraph. It does make me want to keep going.

  4. I tend to be leery of romantic suspense because too often it's long on suspense and short on romance. Maybe I've just picked the wrong books though.

    1. There's romantic tension in this book, but I'd say the plot centers more on the characters trying to exact revenge than on romance. Perhaps that's a characteristic of the sub-genre.

  5. I do like the intro Sandra so might read a bit more. enjoy

  6. Not my usual genre but I might read a bit more.

  7. Even from the first sentences, I could feel the intensity mounting...and the teaser really made me anxious! What is she in for? Thanks for sharing...and I want to know more.

    Thanks for visiting mine: “ALL DAY AND A NIGHT”

  8. Powerful beginning and the plot is intense. I could handle this if they didn't go in depth about destoying the horses. I couldn't take that.

    My TT -

  9. I'm a fan of romantic suspense and this sounds like a good one. Love the phrase "inviting disaster."

    My post:

  10. I would not have picked this one off the shelf, I am not drawn to horse stories. See, I would have been wrong, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  11. This one isn't for me, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  12. I like the writing, and the opening makes me want to read more, so I'd keep reading!

  13. Sounds interesting. Hope you are enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really enjoying John Irving as well!

  14. Hi Sandra,

    Probably not my book of choice, although this one does seem to be written a little more descriptively than many similar books in the genre.

    I am also liking the cover art, simple and understated, yet helping to tell the story.

    I am wondering exactly which tradition means that she can't come and go as she pleases, especially as she doesn't appear to know her host - why would you agree to stay with a complete stranger under those circumstances?

    I am pleased that you enjoyed this one so much and thanks for sharing your excerpts.


  15. I've read a book that sounds very similar to this one, but I can't think of the title or author at this second. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  16. Oh good, we get some mystery involved.
    Mine this week is a classic of Spanish literature: Fortunata and Jacinta by Benito Pérez Galdós at

  17. Yep, that's a clear invitation to disaster. Great teaser, though.

  18. I'm with her friends!!


  19. I like the setting and the writing style. I'm very curious about what is about to happen to her. I'd keep reading. Have a nice week. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  20. Five star page turner? Sound like a win to me!


  21. I love horses. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. I'm going to add it to my to read list.

  22. I definitely like the sound of this one!

  23. Great 1st paragraph and TT!
    I'm hooked :)

    enjoy your week's reading, Sandra! and thanks for stopping in at FHC ...

  24. Seems really risky to me. I love how the author shows the setting. Gives me an idea what Texas looks like.

  25. That one certainly sounds interesting! Wonder what it was that startled the horse! Enjoy!

  26. That's an interesting teaser!

    Thanks for stopping by my post! :)

  27. Not my genre, but I hope you're enjoying it.

  28. This isn't my kind of book, but I would be interested to read your thoughts on this book, after you have finished it. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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