Friday, March 15, 2019

#Amazon #Spheres - SaturdaySnapshot and Jo's Monday Walk

Last Saturday I posted photos taken at Amazon's Spheres (here). Today I'm adding a few more.

Before entering the Spheres, we stopped at The Understory. That's a mini-museum where docents give an overview of the Spheres and answer questions. One wall displayed gorgeous photos like this one. The screen took up the whole wall.
(Click on photos for a closer look.)

Here's what we saw at the Spheres.

Tree Aloe - Mozambique
Huge trees stretched from floor to ceiling. Most of them
had orchids and bromeliads in their branches.
I'd love to visit when those plants are in bloom.
Pathways led through lush plantings and allowed close-up views.
Many of the plants were labeled.

Unfortunately, this plant wasn't labeled.
What is it?

Streams meander through the foliage.

Outside, the facility included a dog park.

Bikes to rent, too.

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  1. Wow, this looks like an amazing place! I've never heard of it before - as you know, I need some major exploring time in the NW!

    What gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing them so I could visit vicariously.


    Book By Book

  2. I had a great time exploring Amazon's Spheres, and I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. You're right--it was an amazing place. Thanks for leaving a comment on today's post.

  3. What a gorgeous walk that would be! Thanks for sharing and tempting me to visit the NW.

  4. There is a lot to see in Seattle and surrounding areas, and I've barely scratched the surface. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

  5. Another set of wonderful photos, Sandy! You have a knack for seeing with your camera that opens my eyes to beauty. I wonder if that unidentified plant is a kind of dieffenbachia. I Googled images for a match. Saw some that look similar.

  6. What a wonderful and lovely place. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I would love to go there.

  7. Judy: Thank you for the nice compliment! For all I know, that plant could be a dieffenbachia, although it doesn't look like any I've ever seen. The "fruit" growing out of the limbs was definitely unusual.
    csuhpar1: Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The Amazon Spheres were definitely worth a visit.

  8. I said it last week and will again, I want to go here!

  9. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing with us.This is so useful.

  10. I didn't get this link last week, Sandra. I believe it was a post about your grandson you sent me? I'll include this on Monday as well as the beach walk. :) :)


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