Friday, March 8, 2019

#Spheres - #SaturdaySnapshot and #MondayWalk

When I signed up for an excursion to "The Spheres," I figured Amazon's orbs would be filled with computerized displays, laser light shows, and other high-tech goodies. Boy, was I wrong! Here are some photos from our exploration of this amazing indoor forest.
(Click on photos for a closer look.)

The Spheres are open to visitors on the first and third Saturdays of the month and advance reservations (and photo IDs) are required. Although visitors have access to much of the facility, certain areas are set aside exclusively for Amazon employees.

Trying to capture this facility from top to bottom -- all four floors -- was a challenge! Every area is accessible by elevator as well as stairs.

It was impossible to photograph the entire 60-foot-tall "Living Wall" in one photo, too.

Ferns, bromeliads, anthurium, and more cover the living wall. 

Intermittent bursts of mist keep the plants hydrated and fans embedded in the walls circulate the air. Groups of people took pictures in front of this wall of plants with the Amazon logo.

One of the most fascinating structures was the "Bird Nest." 

Next Saturday I'll feature more plants, water features, and views in this lushly planted space, plus a glimpse into the neighborhood dominated by Amazon's headquarters.

For more info about The Spheres, visitor information, plants, etc., click on the official website HERE.

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2111 7th Avenue, Seattle


  1. What a lovely place to work or visit! Why don't we have more lovely places for people in the world?

    Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

  2. You are surrounded by the most beautiful places and events! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Spheres website says: The Spheres are a result of innovative thinking about the character of a workplace and an extended conversation about what is typically missing from urban offices– a direct link to nature.
    Although the Spheres are surrounded by tall office buildings occupied by Amazon workers, they serve as a retreat. Employees can take their laptops and work in a more serene environment. What a great idea!
    Thanks for leaving comments, Deb and Laurel-Rain. I am indeed lucky to live in such a vibrant and beautiful part of the U.S.

  4. Wow, Sandy, I learn about the most amazing sites via this blog. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment, Judy. I learn about the most amazing sites via the Auburn Senior Activity Center! Without that group, I doubt if I'd venture to downtown Seattle to see the Spheres. Parking, traffic, etc., would likely discourage me.

  6. It's impressive, isn't it, Sandra? :) :) Many thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, You do go see the most unusual things. Good for you!

  8. Restlessjo: I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
    Colleen: This was a fun outing. We were left to meander wherever we wanted, just so we were back in time to meet up for our ride back home.
    Thanks to both of you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

  9. I never knew! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lynne: I'd heard about The Spheres but didn't realize they held a rain forest! Such a surprising thing to see among tall buildings in Seattle. They were definitely worth a visit.

  11. That is so cool. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, csuhpat1. It was a very cool place. Much more than I anticipated.

  13. That looks really interesting- like the perfect blend between nature and man-made architecture!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (I've fixed the pictures so hopefully you can see them now)!

  14. Vedika: Your pictures are beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to fix them so they're visible to anyone who stops by.
    Jackie: The Spheres are definitely worth a visit.
    Thanks, Vedika and Jackie, for visiting the blog and leaving comments.

  15. WOW, what an amazing architecture. I believe 'Bird Nest' would be my favourite place :-)

  16. Klara, I loved being in the Bird Nest! Wouldn't it be great to have one of those in your own backyard?

  17. Thanks for taking us along with you! I really enjoy places that are different than usual. Love the spheres and the architecture.

  18. betty-NZ: I loved seeing round structures among the rectangular skyscrapers. My visit to The Spheres was a fun experience.

  19. I had no idea Amazon was constructed like this. I am not a fan of Jeff Bezos, but this he did very well. I loved the photos!


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