Friday, December 16, 2016

Seward Park, #Seattle - #SaturdaySnapshots

Question: Why did I sign up for a hike (3+ miles) and a walk (2.6 miles) during the middle of December when there's so much going on? 
Answer: Because I've found that when I'm hiking or walking, I'm "in the moment" and all my "shoulds" fade into the background. Besides, maybe some of those calories from cookies, candy, and other treats will get burned up... I hope!

On December 13, I joined the Auburn Senior Center group for a walk around the perimeter of Seward Park, a peninsula poking out into Lake Washington near Seattle. On this brisk, blustery day we walked around the park's perimeter on a paved path. This was a good workout for a cold day.
[Click on photos to enlarge.]

That's the Seattle skyline in the distance.

Lots of ducks and geese, but not much sunshine. 

What a delightful surprise along the side of the path!  

Park benches are placed at intervals. Good spots to rest and contemplate nature so close to the city.

Inside the Seward Park Audubon and Environmental Center, a cozy place to warm up on a wintry day. 

Native born Pacific Northwest children seem to be impervious to cold and rain, while the rest of us savored the warmth inside.

I'd love to come back to Seward Park on a sunshiny day when both Mount Rainier and Mount Baker are visible in the distance.

Find out more about Seward Park and its history HERE.

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  1. We are talking about coming to the Pacific Northwest this summer. It looks like such a beautiful place.

  2. Kids will always make an exception for games!

  3. I would love to see some of those walking trails and lakes up close and personal...and cozy up in the warm places. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy.


  4. There is some gorgeous light in some of those photos!

  5. Great photos, Sandy. I can feel the brrrr (: We've been to Seward Park a number of times, but always in the spring or summer. Good to see what it looks like now!

  6. You're braver than me! I grew up in the Eastern Canada winters, but there's still nothing that could tempt me to go for a walk these days except perhaps the promise of hot chocolate when I get home. :-)

    Yet your photos do make me miss the long walks in the park. Especially on these cooler days, I imagine they'd be quite peaceful. And as you noted, walks do tend to push the "shoulds" out of one's head.

    The Seward Park Audubon and Environmental Center looks very cozy. Thanks for sharing your adventure!


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