Friday, December 23, 2016

A Wintry Walk at #Snoqualmie Ridge - #SaturdaySnapshots

I had a great time with the walkers and hikers from the senior center on December 15 at our year-end potluck lunch and last walk of 2016. Two vans transported us to Snoqualmie Ridge, where the recreation coordinator of the senior center lives. He graciously opened his house for our party.

After we unloaded all the food at his home, we got back into the vans and headed to the nearby Snoqualmie River Trail. 
[Click on photos to enlarge] 

The flat path was paved with crushed rock and ran alongside the Snoqualmie River. Patches of snow covered the grass underneath trees that lined the path, and a layer of ice crusted the edges of nearby shallow ponds. 

Though the sky was overcast in the morning, we didn’t have rain or snow. The temperature stayed in the twenties (F) all day. I knew the weather would be cold and dressed accordingly. Long underwear under my jeans, ski mittens, wool socks, a scarf around my neck, and my heavy hooded coat. I wasn’t cold at all!

At the end of our walk, we got back into the vans and headed back to the house for lunch. Lots of yummy food. Afterwards, some people opted to return to the senior center, so they filled one van and left. The rest of us went on a walk around the beautiful neighborhood. 

By then most of the clouds had disappeared and revealed gorgeous views of the surrounding snow-dusted mountains. 

The total mileage shown on my FitBit for the day was 6.35 miles - not enough to burn up all the calories from the potluck but lots of fun.

Zoom out (-) and in (+) on map.

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  1. I love pot lucks! I miss the office ones we had when I was working.

  2. That walk must have been great! I can never convince myself to go out in the winter- and it's not even that cold here in India!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your photos of the trees and of mountains are beautiful. The third one, where you can see the reflection of the trees, is particularly striking. A great way to spend a day!

  4. What a lovely walk! And you lucked out with the weather! It's been snowy or rainy here so we've barely gotten out of the house!

  5. Such wonder to view as you walk. I need to get out and see more of my own area.

    Happy Holidays:)

  6. What a beautiful area to go for a walk- and a great group activity to participate in.

  7. Not only are these walks fodder for your blogs, you are getting healthy while you do them. I love the pictures! Keep them coming.

    Kelly Marshall

  8. What a lovely day! You have some beautiful sights to see there...and even in the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for all the comments! I'm enjoying my hikes and walks and hope nobody is bored with seeing photos of them. I'll try to post about other topics in the coming year.

  10. Such a lovely way to celebrate Christmas! Thanks for sharing your photos.


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