Friday, November 25, 2016

Scooter Girl! - #SaturdaySnapshots

Just a quick video of my granddaughter, taken this past week. On her little pink scooter (decorated with various Disney princesses) and wearing her dragon helmet, she's unafraid of tackling the skate park's obstacles. What's at the top of her Christmas list? A skateboard. She's five-and-a-half years old.

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  1. Very adorable! My kids love their scooters, too. We do have a bike park near us with ramps, but it is always so crowded that I never even considered taking the kids there with their scooters!

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing, and how great that there is a special park for her. Enjoy! Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Sometimes the skate park is crowded with teenagers, so we don't go there. Instead, we head for the adjacent playground where younger children hang out. I took this video on a day when my granddaughter's school was out but most public schools were still in session. She had the whole place to herself!

  4. She's pretty good!


  5. I am sad, but your picture isn't showing up! Maybe it would be too scary for this grandmother of a one-year-old girl!

  6. I'm sorry, Deb! This may be the first time I've posted a video taken with my cell phone, so I'm not sure I did it correctly. I think I'm better off just posting photos.

  7. Adorable video! I remember having a pink scooter when I was her age. The memories! thank you for coming by my Saturday Snapshot :)


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