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Miami Morning - #TeaserTuesday and First Chapter / First Paragraph / Tuesday Intros

     From South Africa to South Beach, Miami Morning gives a deep and fascinating look into Leila Payson's world as a teacher, community volunteer, daughter, and friend. Author Mary Clark takes us into the character's thoughts and dreams through her life choices and relationships with others, including a mysterious man with a book who keeps popping up. "Miss Pacer" is an interesting character who leads an introspective life.
     I lived in Miami for quite a few years, so I especially enjoyed visiting the area again through the pages of Mary Clark's story. She nailed the setting and "feel" of that locale.

First Paragraph:
Present Day.
     Leila Payson walked from her pale yellow bungalow toward the opening horizon, listening to the call of birds rising above the primal hum of dunes. She had risen early the first morning of her forty-something life, seized by an eager sense of being on the threshold of accomplishment.

Teaser (from 17% on my Kindle) (Leila is thinking about a fight she had stopped between two girl students.)
     She'd seen these fights before, with the girls using every means to inflict as much damage as they could, even slamming their opponent against the floor, lockers, or the concrete planters in the courtyard. Without a tradition of long-understood rules of combat, the ferocity was frightening; rather than a ritual dance, a rite of passage, or defending a romantic interest, as it was with boys, this came from a primeval source, protecting and asserting the girl's core identity.

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction / Literary
Book Length: 202 Pages
Amazon Link: Miami Morning
Author Website/Blog: Literary Eyes

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Leila Payson, affectionately nicknamed “Miss Pacer” by her students, is always pushing the boundaries in her efforts to achieve her goal of becoming a better teacher and human being. Before settling in to her life as a Social Studies teacher and volunteer at the local playground, Leila spent a year teaching in South Africa where she met an occupational therapist and others working within the disability community. Now, years later, when a student discovers he is going deaf and asks her for help, Leila embarks on a pivotal journey that calls on her to employ everything she’s learned and earns her both allies and rivals. And while she juggles work, family, and adventures with her diverse group of friends, a mysterious man with a book keeps appearing at her favorite places. Come along for the ride as Leila Payson faces challenges and opportunities with spirit and courage … and a bit of humor, too.

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  1. That first paragraph has a nice feel to it. I could "see" the area through her words. Good writing.

  2. An interesting opener although I fear this book has a bit too much of a 'worthy' feel to it for me to get fully immersed but of course I'd have to read more to tell for sure.

  3. The premise is certainly an interesting one - I love the writing, which is clearly stylish and well crafted, I hope you're enjoying this one. This is my TT

  4. I'm always drawn to simple covers like this one. Sounds like a good story too.

    My TT from Christmas Magic 1959

  5. WHOA...I didn't see that teaser coming. Woke me up.
    sherry @ My TT

  6. Humm. I'd need to read a bit more to see if this for me. But I like the opening.

  7. The teaser grabbed me. It reminded me of being in junior high! The fierceness of young girls.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  8. I love the opening paragraph you shared. It holds such promise and it makes me want to walk alongside Leila. The teaser is quite tense! I liked that too. So much going on there. This definitely sounds like a good one.

  9. This sounds like an emotional read. Not sure it's for me but it has a lovely opening.

  10. Sandy, you post such excellent teasers and reviews. This book and the one previous, Key Largo Blues, sound very interesting. As do most of the books you select.

  11. Sandy, Thanks so much for this post about my book. I truly appreciate it.

  12. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  13. The teaser definitely caught my attention! It sounds like a really interesting read.

  14. Hmm... I'm not sure if I'm up for this. Sounds like it'll be heartbreaking.

  15. That teaser is awesome :) My school didn't have fights like that to my knowledge and I'm glad for that! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


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