Friday, November 18, 2016

Gig Harbor, #Washington - #SaturdaySnapshots

Gig Harbor is a lovely little town in western Washington State, so when a hike was offered in the area, I signed up to participate. 
[Click on photos to enlarge.]

Our group covered about five miles on the up-and-down paved trail. The walk took us to the top of the hills far in the distance on this cool, hazy day

Part of our route meandered through a residential area. The fog thickened as we neared the harbor.

During lunch the clouds lifted and gave us a beautiful view of the harbor. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at The Tides restaurant overlooking the harbor. I had halibut and chips. Delish! (Photo taken with my cell phone.)

View from the ladies restroom. (Photo taken with my regular camera.)

A beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest!

PS: I took some photos with my cell phone's camera and some with my little point-and-shoot, just to compare. I'm beginning to think my cell phone takes sharper images. 

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  1. I love that you include a map with your hikes and day trips - it really helps those of us on the other side of the world 😊 I also love foggy misty views over water - very pretty.

  2. Great images! I want to go on that hike...wait! No, I just want to sit and look at the harbor and eat yummy food. lol

    Thanks for sharing,and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Brona Joy and Laurel-Rain. The foggy photos are my favorites.

  4. These are beautiful images. I wonder, too, whether our pictures are better with our cell phones rather than a conventional camera!

  5. Nice photos!

    On the cellphones vs regular cameras, I find that the regular camera does a much better job. For some reason my phone camera often looks quite grainy.

  6. Deb and Elena: Thanks for your feedback. I'm still experimenting. It seems my regular camera works best for some types of photos, but the cell is best for others. I'll carry them both for a while.

  7. Driving or walking in the fog isn't much fun, but I do like how idyllic fog makes the world look. Harbors are one of my favorite sights and fish is one of my favorite dishes. Sounds like an absolutely lovely day!

  8. Looks like a fun walk and such a beautiful day once the fog lifted. I enjoy walking in the fog. feels like I could be or end up anywhere:)

  9. What a great hike with wonderful scenery! Fog makes great shots.

  10. Great pictures! I always say we should stop in Gig Harbor when we drive by on our way up to our in-laws....but it has yet to happen. Sigh!

  11. Interesting teaser! Here is my TT:


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