Friday, October 14, 2016

Naches Peak Loop Trail, #MtRainier - Saturday Snapshots

The September 16 hike along the Naches Peak Loop Trail is my favorite, so far. Cool, sunshiny weather; friendly group of hikers; beauty everywhere. I took about fifty photos but I'll only share my favorites.
[Click on photos to enlarge.]

And... we're off! This is designated as a wilderness area, and groups were limited to twelve people. We numbered fourteen so we broke up into two separate groups. 

When I saw the sign saying our hike was part of the Pacific Crest Trail, I felt like Cheryl Strayed from Wild (but without the heavy pack and emotional baggage!)

I hope the presence of the two women on the trail will give you an idea of the vastness of our surroundings.

We walked through forests, in open meadows, and alongside dramatic rock walls.

Lunch break ...

... with a great view.

During the second half of the hike, Mount Rainier dominated the horizon.

We passed several alpine lakes along the way.

Good view of Mount Adams to the south.

Breathtaking view of our famous volcano. I hope the blue ice in the glaciers shows up in the enlarged view of this picture.

The hike started and ended at Tipsoo Lake.

As a reward for our workout, we stopped at Wapiti Woolies. I had an ice cream sundae -- vanilla ice cream topped with local huckleberries. 

More info and a map of the trail 


  1. The Lake looks so beautiful. I wish I was there!

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your weekend.

  2. That really is some beautiful landscape. What a wonderful place to hike.

  3. Beautiful place to hike. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a gorgeous hike...and impressive, too! I'm proud of you, doing all this physical activity, while I cling to my

    Wapiti Woolies looks like my kind of place! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  5. That is an amazing hike. I was ooo-Ing and aaa-ing every photo. I see why it is your favorite.

  6. Looks like it was a gorgeous walk. I enjoyed it without all the accompanying aches and pains. I know I have to get off my duff and get on the treadmill at least.

    Kelly Marshall

  7. Wow, Sandra, absolutely stunning area and gorgeous photos! It is so beautiful - wish I could get out that way! Looks like an amazing hike. Thanks for sharing it!

    Book By Book

  8. It looks like you had beautiful weather and clear views. And ice cream at the end! Perfect day.

  9. It looks like a wonderful place for a hike and I bet it was even better with others that appreciate it.


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