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Are You There Erma? It's Me, Gayle. - #TeaserTuesday and First Paragraph/First Chapter/Tuesday Intros

    In the introduction to Are You There, Erma? It's Me, Gayle, the author writes, "I wanted to write like Erma [Bombeck.] After all, we shared the same birthday as well as the same sense of humor." She got her wish and wrote a column for the Placentia News-Times, her local newspaper. This book is a collection of some of those columns. (Her first two years of columns are shared in What Would Erma Do? Confessions of a First-Time Humor Columnist.)
    Carline has also authored mysteries, romantic suspense, and a memoir. I haven't read her books in those genres, but if her sense of humor comes through in them, they've got to be fun!

First Paragraph: 
Column: "So You Want to Have a Resolution"
    Every year I swear not to make any New Year's resolutions, and every year I can't resist making a few, anyway. It's like trying on clothes you wouldn't normally choose, just to see how they look. I attempt to change my behavior, to see if a new year can make a new me.
    I picked two resolutions to try on this year; I hope one of them fits.

Teaser (from 18% on my Kindle):
Column: Tripping On An Anniversary
    I'm convinced that wolves mate for life because they can't speak English. When the female snaps at the male, she can only mean, "Stop it!" And there is nothing for the male in wolf-speak that translates to, "Stop what?"

Genre: Humor
Book Length: 254 Pages
Amazon Link: Are You There, Erma?
Author Website: Gayle Carline

Synopsis (from Amazon):
When Gayle Carline clawed her way into her local newspaper office and groveled until they gave her a weekly humor column, she worried about not having enough material. Then she took a look at her life. Nearly every week something in her house or car needs repair, her son doesn't know why being able to see his carpet is a big deal, and her husband believes less is more, especially when it comes to communication. In What Would Erma Do, she chronicled her first two years as a paid exaggerator. Now she's back with two more years of merriment, along with editorial high jinks and readers' opinions. It's the most fun she's ever had without a credit card.

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  1. This sounds like a fun read, I like observational humour and firmly believe it is far better to laugh at life, than fight it.

  2. This sounds like it could be a fun read - I'd continue based on the opening.

  3. Interesting reading, it looks like. That's mine:

  4. I like the humor in the teasers! I hope you enjoy! Stop by if you get a chance:


  5. Great teasers, I did laugh out loud when I read the Tripping On An Anniversary one.

    Here is my Teaser


  6. This sounds like fun! The opening and the teaser both made me smile.

  7. I loved reading my mom's Erma Bombeck books.

    My teaser today is from a YA new release about bullying. A real page-turner.

  8. I bet this is a fun book. Something light to make you smile and feel good:)

  9. What fun! She could really be on to something with the wolves.

  10. Sounds like fun. I love Erma Bombeck so this could be right up my alley. Here's the link to my Tuesday intro and teaser:

  11. What a lovely surprise, to find my book in your Tuesday Tease! Thank you for noticing--I do my best to find the funny in life! I've now been writing my column for over 10 years and still enjoy it. As a matter of fact, now when things go wrong, the car breaks down, the dryer catches fire, I just think, "Great! Now I have something for the column!"

    Have a wonderful day, everyone.

  12. I like the sound of this one...humor is something I love to read, which I don't read enough of. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE LONDON TRAIN”

  13. What a great choice when you need a funny, uplifting read. PS I love the pictures of your hike. What a beautiful clear day you had, very fortunate!

  14. You're welcome, Gayle. I love your sense of humor and look forward to reading more of your books.

  15. I miss Erma Bombeck and her column. I like the sound of this book and will give it a try. Thanks Sandy.

  16. You're making me nostalgic over Erma.

  17. This sounds like such a fun read! I will have to look for this one.

  18. Well this looks fun:). I love the whole idea of this one - thank you for sharing, Sandra.

  19. I adored Bombeck so I'm guessing I'll get a kick out of this! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Definitely sounds like a fun book!

  21. I bet this would be a fun read! I love the humor of Erma Bombeck myself. Thanks for visiting my Teaser this week!

  22. Well, Erma Bombeck was funny. Hope this one lives up to her skill. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  23. Hi Sandra,

    Observational humour is the best, whether it be in the written form, or as performed by stand-up comedians.

    I really enjoyed your opening paragraph, as it sums up what just about most of us actually do and think when it comes to resolutions, although how many of us dare say it out loud?

    This would be the kind of book I would leave lying around, where it could be picked up occasionally to be dipped in and out of. However I probably wouldn't make the conscious decision to actually sit down and read it from cover to cover.

    It sounds as though you are going to have great fun reading it, especially if you get to read it alone, so that you can laugh out loud sometimes :)


  24. Great cover and that opening sentence is a heart breaker.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes


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