Saturday, April 23, 2016

Capitol Hill - #Seattle Neighborhood Hike - Saturday Snapshots

Most of the hikes I've taken with the Auburn Senior Activity Center have been on paths through lush evergreen forests... and that would describe portions of my recent hike through a couple of Seattle's urban parks (link here). However, part of last week's trek took the group through an older, historic area of the city. Today I'm posting photos of some of the beautiful homes we saw along the way. [Click on photos to enlarge.]

Wisteria and pink dogwood in bloom.

Love that red door and trim around the beautiful windows.

A welcoming pathway. Looks like the pink rhododendron near the door is just starting to bloom.

Unusual pink trim along the eaves. This guard dog stayed at his post on the steps.

Each house we passed was unique, and almost every one featured plants in bloom.

No cookie-cutter homes in this neighborhood.

The grandest home of them all on Millionaires' Row. 

It was fun walking through this neighborhood, even though we did get a few curious stares and comments. 

A woman asked, "What are y'all doing?"

One hiker (an 80-year-old) answered, "We're hiking!"
Everybody laughed and the woman looked puzzled. I wonder what she was thinking.

The same thing happened at the Arboretum. A young man asked where we were going. Someone answered, “We’re walking from the Arboretum to Volunteer Park… and back.” He looked at us as if we were aliens from outer space.

I guess I can understand their reactions. After all, how often do you see a group of fifteen senior citizens, sporting backpacks and with trekking sticks, parading by?

Here's a link to the history of the area, along with more information:

 Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood

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  1. Those houses are beautiful. I love the variety. Wisteria is my favorite, although I have none growing here. Guess I'm waiting until I move to France. Here's Mine

  2. I love tours that show beautiful houses, and this one definitely did not disappoint! I love them all, and I am especially fond of wisteria.

    Enjoy...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Keep up the walking. Maybe it will catch on with others.

  4. Sandra, the photos are absolutely beautiful. I love to look at houses when I walk. Wonderful post!

  5. What a great walk this week. The homes are gorgeous, and I love anything that blooms!

  6. These homes are gorgeous! It might have been a different sort of hike, but you still saw some beautiful sights along the way. :)

  7. What fun! Trekking through a neighborhood. I loved all the houses, as well as the foliage, but am particularly fond of that red door and red trim:)

  8. Are those lilacs in the first picture? I love the lavender on the house. It is so soft, so inviting. Loved these pictures

  9. Thank you for sharing your walk. The houses are trully stunning. You can't knock walking. I have just started walking in my lunch break at work as find it difficult to squeeze in activity so now do 43 to 50 minutes most days, a very good de-stresser.

  10. Ah! I think that's awesome talking walks and "hikes" with the grandmas and grandpas! Lovely! And the homes are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I enjoyed the variety of houses you showed. Nice to see ones that involved some creative design!

    The stares you received and questions you were asked made me think of an experience of mine. Several years ago, I took part in some writing marathons. During them, we often walked about town looking at sites, as well as even sat in restaurants and observed customers. Our group was always told that if anyone asked us what we were doing to just say, "I'm a writer and I'm taking notes for a marathon." :-)


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