Saturday, March 26, 2016

Alki Beach - Saturday Snapshots

I'm really getting into this walking and hiking thing! This past Tuesday I joined a group on a walk in Alki Beach (West Seattle) - a more urban setting than my previous ventures. Alki Beach Park runs between Elliot Bay (Puget Sound) and Alki Avenue and consists of a path for pedestrians and a separate parallel path for bicyclists. 
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

The day was overcast and breezy, but we didn't have any rain. Because of all the clouds, we weren't able to see the snow-capped Olympic Mountains to the west; however, we had beautiful views of the Seattle skyline. 

It was too chilly to be kayaking!
High-priced condos line the inland side of Alki Avenue, with a few bungalows tucked in between. This one is an Alki Beach landmark ("Flower House"and is covered in blooms during the summer. 

Some members of our group walked along the sand.

But most of us stayed on the paved path.

At lunchtime we split up and headed for restaurants several blocks away. By the time we'd finished our meals, the sun was out.

Time to hit Interstate 5 and head home.

More info:
Alki Beach Park
Alki Flower House

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  1. I love to walk, too. What a lovely walk this was.

  2. It looks like you had a great time. It must be fun to walk with a group.

  3. This walk was easy, and that's fine with me. That way, I can look around and enjoy my surroundings without worrying about tripping over a tree root or rock. I enjoy walking with this great group and plan more hikes and walks with them in the future.

  4. What a great walk! I love the photos of course because I love any body of water, and the photo of bungalow flanked by the condos is adorable.

  5. I hope to go back to Alki Beach this summer, just to see the Flower House in full bloom.

  6. You really have gotten into this hiking thing and kudos to you! Alki Beach looks like a fabulous scenic walk, but I too hope you can go back and see the flower house in full bloom:)

  7. What a lovely beachy feeling I get from these shots. A book I read this week was set in and around Seattle, and the characters mentioned Alki Beach. (Somewhere out There).


  8. Alki beach would be an excellent place to walk! My husband's great-grandparents used to own a public boathouse there!


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