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True Believer - Book Beginnings on Friday and The Friday 56

    I've read a couple of other books by Nicholas Sparks and enjoyed them, but someone always seems to die in the end! That's not the case with True Believer. 
    I enjoyed this story of a sophisticated city dude and his experiences in small town Boone Creek, North Carolina. The author's descriptions were vivid and the plot kept me engaged. I really didn't know for sure if the hero and heroine would work things out until the last few pages. I especially appreciated the fact that although the Southerners in the book were quirky and I recognized some of them as people I've met, they were not portrayed as ignorant, bigoted, or close-minded stereotypes.

Book Beginning:

    Jeremy Marsh sat with the rest of the live studio audience, feeling unusually conspicuous. He was one of only half a dozen men in attendance on that mid-December afternoon. He'd dressed in black, of course, and with his dark wavy hair, light blue eyes, and fashionable stubble, he looked every bit the New Yorker that he was. 

The Friday 56:

(I know we're supposed to pick an excerpt from Page 56, but this one on Page 54 tickled me so much that I just had to use it instead. New Yorker Jeremy is entering Herbs, a small town cafe, and he's dressed in black from head to toe.)
     As he climbed the steps to the front door, conversations quieted and eyes drifted his way. Only the chewing continued, and Jeremy was reminded of the curious ways cows looked at you when you approached the pasture fence. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense

Book Length: 480 Pages
Amazon Link: True Believer

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Jeremy Marsh is the ultimate New Yorker: handsome, almost always dressed in black, and part of the media elite. An expert on debunking the supernatural with a regular column in "Scientific American," he's just made his first appearance on national TV. When he receives a letter from the tiny town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, about ghostly lights that appear in a legend-shrouded cemetery, he can't resist driving down to investigate. Here, in this tightly knit community, Lexie Darnell runs the town's library, just as her mother did before the accident that left Lexie an orphan. Disappointed by past relationships, including one that lured her away from home, she is sure of one thing: her future is in Boone Creek, close to her grandmother and all the other people she loves. Jeremy expects to spend a quick week in "the sticks" before speeding back to the city. But from the moment he sets eyes on Lexie, he is intrigued and attracted to this beautiful woman who speaks with a soft drawl and confounding honesty. And Lexie, while hesitating to trust this outsider, finds herself thinking of Jeremy more than she cares to admit. Now, if they are to be together, Jeremy Marsh must make a difficult choice: return to the life he knows, or do something he's never done before--take a giant leap of faith. A story about taking chances and following your heart, True Believer will make you, too, believe in the miracle of love.


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  1. It has a pretty cover. I would check out the book for that reason alone. I wonder what the ghostly lights are. :-)

    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  2. I am super shocked that someone doesn't die! He is known for it.. lol. Sounds interesting! Love the p.54 quote.

  3. Haven't read a Sparks novel in quite some time. Jeremy interests me...I may have to set a date to get to know him, lol.

  4. I've never read anything by Sparks. This sounds like a good one to start with. My 56 this week comes from Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas. Happy reading!

  5. LOL That was a fun excerpt. Great choice. I also used a page other than 56 for mine today. A Sparks novel with a happy ending????
    Have a great holiday weekend:)

    My 56 -

  6. You're right. The bit from page 54 is funny.

  7. I usually can't get into Sparks but I do like Lighthouses...
    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

  8. I can't read Nicholas Sparks as I don't do well with sappy After watching a few movies based on his books I quit watching them too... :)Hope you enjoyed it!

    Friday Memes

  9. I have read two or three books by this author that I enjoyed, so I try to keep an open mind...LOL. This one does sound good...and that "56" was hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR”

  10. True Believer sounds like a nice story.

  11. Sounds fun, Sandy. I may give it a whirl (:

  12. I haven't read any of his books in a long time.

    ENJOY, and thanks for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  13. Hi Sandra,

    North Carolina must have been a bit of a culture shock for Jeremy, if his is indeed the city slicker that he is described as being. I can just imagine all those eyes on him as he enters the cafe.

    I can remember many years ago, stopping at a pub in a very rural area of the UK (Being a woman, I of course needed the toilet!). As we entered the bar, which had a linoleum floor and formica tables and chairs, a group of locals, all men, turned as one, from where they were huddled together as a group, around a small black and white television set, watching the horse racing. From the rack of shotguns in the corner it was obvious they had been out on a hunting trip. It was the quickest drink we have ever had and I never got to spend my penny, as the toilet was a shack with no door in the middle of the car park!!

    I can relate totally to how Jeremy must have felt :)

    I always enjoy Nicholas Sparks books and I haven't read this one, so thanks for sharing :)


  14. You've picked a book that is by my daughter's 'auto-buy' author. I think she's read everything Nicholas Sparks has written. I read The Longest Ride. I still haven't seen the movie.

  15. I have never read anything from this author before. Love the teaser, I may have to check this one out. Here is my Friday 56

  16. I do love the comparing of the people to cows at the fence!

  17. Laurie: That comparison does paint a vivid picture, doesn't it?

  18. I love Nicholas Sparks books. He is an amazing writer.
    Happy weekend!

  19. This man is a writing machine. I've only read A Walk to Remember by him, but I really enjoyed it.

  20. I've read all of Nicholas Sparks' books. This is one of my favorites!

  21. Well this certainly sounds like a bit of a departure from his earlier works. Meaning, no one dies? LOL

  22. I enjoy this author. I think I read this book a few years ago. Sparks is usually a great, emotional read for me.

  23. Aw, I've lived in New York for ten years now and am finding it more and more of a culture shock each time I travel somewhere else- or (and this is usually worse) have to conduct some kind of business with someone who's living in a more relaxed part of the country. (Because it's not like your boss cuts you any slack if the third party takes their time with stuff!)

  24. Love your #56! Great visual and I can just picture the scenario. In fact, I have been there several times! By the way, the Princess Costume is going to be spectacular. I also sew the grandkids costumes and love it!

  25. Ooh! This sounds really interesting and really pulls you in! I haven't read any Nicholas Sparks books before (shocking, I know) but this makes me consider finally picking one up.

    Great post :)

  26. I haven't read Nicholas Sparks in a long time. Glad to know he's not killing everyone off anymore.

  27. Very descriptive! Looks like a great book :D I hope you enjoy it. I really like Nicholas Sparks but I haven't read this one x


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