Friday, February 8, 2019

#Snow Days - #SaturdaySnapshot & Monday Walk

Our first snowfall this winter, so I had to get out and take some pictures around my neighborhood. Click on photos for a closer look.

Our neighborhood is on a hill. These steps lead down to another subdivision.
I didn't walk down there today -- too slippery! 
Looks like I'm not the first person to be out and about.
A little maple tree in my front yard.
Our lamppost looked like a double scoop of
ice cream! All it needs is a drizzle of chocolate
syrup and a cherry on top.
View out my back door.

Back indoors, cozy and warm.
We got more snow several days later. Here's a video of the big fluffy flakes. View on full screen to get the full effect.

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  1. I know I said 'brrr' but these are beautiful, Sandra. :) :) I especially love the lamppost (and the view from indoors :) ). Thanks a lot for your company!

  2. I love the trees (snow seems to decorate trees, I think) and the shot taken from inside. Snow falling has a peaceful sound.

    Beautiful, beautiful!

  3. Your photos are pretty, from here in Mexico.

  4. I love those snowy photos! I also especially enjoy the windows looking out on it all. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend...cozy and warm indoors.

  5. These photos were taken of "Round One." Last night, about six to eight more inches of snow fell. Although the snow is beautiful, I'm over it! (Twitter is calling this "SeattleSnowpocalypse2019.")

  6. Great snow shots, Sandy. I agree, though: I'm "over it" as soon as weather forces me to stay in more than a day.

  7. Same here, Judy. I got out this afternoon and cleared off the walkway to our front door, simply because I wanted to be outdoors. I didn't tackle the driveway though.

  8. Oh, but this is so much like Darrington! Enough, though. I changed my little blocks on the fire[lace insert from I LOVE WINTER to I LOVE SPRING. HA HA. Makes me grin when I look at them and grins are good.

  9. I loved the lamppost simile...looking like a double scoop of ice cream. The video was an extra nice touch

  10. We haven't had much snow this winter ....


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