Friday, December 21, 2018

#Senegalese Feast - #SaturdaySnapshot

Have I mentioned that lunch at local restaurants is part of the fun of hiking and walking with the senior center group? Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood features a wealth of opportunities to try different cuisines. After a recent walk around the perimeter of Seward Park, we stopped at a Senegalese restaurant for our noon meal. Delicious! For once, I remembered to take pictures before digging in.
[Click on photos for a closer look.]

Seating in this tiny restaurant is limited. The space
was barely wider than the entrance door!
I doubt if more than a dozen people could eat here
at one time.
So hard to choose between all these exotic dishes...
especially since this was my first time to taste Senegalese food.
Lamb Didi served over couscous, with a steaming cup of kinkeliba tea.
Senegalese artwork covered the walls.

Could you spot Senegal on a map? About as far from Seattle as a person could get!

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  1. Yum! Looks delicious, with great atmosphere. Not sure why Google highlighted something near UAE for Senegal, which is on the northwest coast of Africa. It's still a LONG ways from Seattle, though!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the location of Senegal. I replaced the original map with one that shows its correct location. My ignorance of geography is showing, and my face is red! My only excuse is that I did a search for "Senegal" on Google Maps and I posted what Google showed.
    Thanks for stopping by today's blog post and leaving a comment.

  3. Google's bad, not yours. Reminds me of when Snopes did an April Fools saying Mr. Ed was really a painted zebra. I don't like it when the sources we've come to trust are untrustworthy, for whatever reason.

  4. How delicious! Great photos, and I love how you show us your location on a map. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How interesting, Sandy. Thanks for sharing. And for remembering to take a pic of the food before consuming!

  6. No, I couldn't find it on a map.
    I haven't tried Senegalese food but would be up for trying.

    That is the beauty of living in a big city, so much variety!

  7. So informative. thanks, Sandy. Judy, I remember that Snopes thing. I was humiliated when I insisted to my family that Mr. Ed was a zebra. Down with Snopes trying to be funny.

  8. Looks like a great place to have lunch. I've never been to a Senegalese restaurant.

  9. Looks quite delicious. I admit I am a wimp at trying different cuisines. I am not an Anthony Bourdain typem(RIP)

  10. Very nice. Looks like a wonderful place to eat. Thanks for sharing it.


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