Friday, September 14, 2018

Mount St. Helens (Post 3) / Norway Pass Trail - #SaturdaySnapshot

The highlight of my overnight hiking trip with the Auburn Senior Activity Center was the hike up the Norway Pass Trail. The operative word here is "up." Not steep but relentless. However, the magnificent views were worth the trek. FYI: Our group consisted of ten women, including two senior center representatives. 
[Click on photos for a closer look.]

Ready to go.

Along the trail we snacked on huckleberries. I would have been afraid to munch on wild berries, but our knowledgeable leaders knew which ones would be okay to eat. These were perfectly ripe and sweet. Within minutes our fingers were stained blue.

On this beautiful day we could see both Mount Adams and Mount Rainier, two volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains.

Mount Adams on the horizon
The snow-capped crest of Mount Rainier peeking over the hilltops
Dead trees from the 1980 eruption still cover the hillsides surrounding Mount St. Helens, along with new growth of trees and wildflowers.

Bleached remains of trees on the hillside that were mowed down 
by the volcano's blast

When I got tired or out of breath, I set a goal of walking to a certain tree or clump of flowers on the path ahead and then would stop there to catch my breath. In this way, I made it to the top.

Almost there!
Here's the magnificent payoff: a million dollar view of Mount St. Helens and Spirit Lake. Perfect place to stop for lunch, isn't it?

The white area on the lake's surface is a mat of trees blown down during the volcano's eruption. (Curious? You'll find more about this HERE.)

A before-and-after photo by the U.S. Geological Survey is posted on the "PBS News Hour" website - HERE.

The distance between the Johnston Ridge Observatory and the Norway Pass Trailhead isn't far... as the crow flies. The map below shows the route by car. The blue patch on the map, between the Johnston Ridge Observatory and Norway Pass, is Spirit Lake.

Thanks for going along with me on my visit to Mount St. Helens. I'll post a few more photos next Saturday.

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  1. Gorgeous views! Amazing journey. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful photos. Educational link, too, to the before and after pics.

  3. I continue to be so thankful that you are able to do these trips. It benefits all of us!

  4. Sandy, your photos are remarkable! Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I had a great time on my trip and have enjoyed sharing it with you.

  6. Those magnifcent views certainly make the walking up worth it. You must be getting so fit from all your walks.

  7. I'm out of breath just reading this! Good for you.

  8. Ginx Craft & Jackie: Although I've enjoyed my hikes and walks with the Auburn Senior Center group, I'm far from "fit." I need to embark on a regular fitness regimen--something like Silver Sneakers or Jazzercize--and get stronger aerobically. I can assure you that I was huffing and puffing up this trail!
    Thanks to both of you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave comments.

  9. Those links were really sobering, Sandy. Life is tenuous beneath the surface of our everyday complacency. Yet that complacency is a critical component of mental health. How else would we find peace?
    Mother Nature can be one harsh Witch-with-a-B.

  10. You're right, Lynne. But although Mother Nature can be tough, I've also found peace and comfort in her beautiful places.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


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