Friday, September 7, 2018

Mount St Helens (Post 2) - #Cispus Learning Center - #SaturdaySnapshot

Ten women (eight seniors and two leaders) from the Auburn (WA) Senior Activity Center recently spent three days and two nights at the Cispus Learning Center. It served as our home base for visits to the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and hikes in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Kind of like summer camp!
(See last week's post about Mount St. Helens's Johnston Ridge Observatory: HERE) 
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Our cabin ("Alder") could accommodate several dozen people, but our group was the only occupant. We had more than enough shower stalls, sinks, toilets, and beds. We even had plenty of room for line dancing. Everyone brought their own bedding and snacks (and even a couple of bottles of wine.) 

The Cispus staff provided breakfast, sack lunches (to take on our hikes), and dinner. Meals were served family style in this large dining hall. During our stay, we shared the facility with one other group, and they only stayed one night. Can you imagine this area filled with groups of kids? 

Perfect setting for an evening stroll around the grounds with a few of my fellow hikers. The weather was gorgeous--cool at night and just right during the daytime with lots of sunshine. After the first night, we had the whole facility to ourselves.

Wispy clouds greeted us one morning.

Next week I'll post photos from our hike on the Norway Pass Trail. The views of Mount St. Helens and Spirit Lake from that viewpoint were magnificent.

Info about Cispus Learning Centers HERE

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  1. That would be fun, glad there was wine!

  2. What a great spot for a learning center! I hope I get to visit there one day.

  3. Jackie: This group is always a lot of fun -- with or without wine. The annual overnight hike is the highlight of my summer.
    Deb: The learning center is situated in a beautiful area. I imagine it's a problem for younger people, however, because cell phone coverage is iffy.
    Thanks to both of you for stopping by and leaving comments.

  4. Oh, summer camp for seniors sounds like such fun, and these facilities take me back to younger days. It is great to relive fun events from childhood. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  5. I love the outdoors, especially when experienced with friends. This is a great bunch. By the way, although no men participated in "camp," we usually have a few male hikers on our weekly outings.

  6. What a fantastic experience. I used to do a lot of church camps, both as a counselor at kids and teen camps, and at family camps. So fun. Good friends and food and beautiful surroundings. The article I wrote for our last critique meeting was set on Samish Island campgrounds.

  7. Colleen: There's nothing quite as enjoyable as spending time outdoors. We all need an escape, now and then. I enjoyed the article you shared with our group last week. Good story and great writing.

  8. Photos and text evoke a sense of coziness and camaraderie. I didn't know, prior to hearing it from you, that such campgrounds were available for use near Mt. St. Helens!

  9. Judy, I don't know if these camps are available to individuals. I kind of doubt it. According to the Cispus Learning Center website: "The Cispus Learning Center is one of two sites of the AWSP Outdoor Learning Centers, a division of the Washington School Principals Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit program of the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)." The website also says: "The Cispus Learning Center is operated in partnership with the Gifford Pinchot National Forest."
    Our visit was coordinated by the Auburn Senior Activity Center.

  10. This looks like such a good time! I love hiking and this area is on the top of my list! I just listened to a podcast about Mt. St. Helens too. Lol.

    Great photos, I really get a sense of what it is like!

  11. Oh, Sandy, that photo of 3 of you walking through the empty grounds in shadows? I felt a craving to be there. My family camped so much when I was a kid, I felt as if I feel the cold, smell a trace of wood smoke, and hear blue jays calling in the silence. Probably your voices echoed. Lovely.

  12. Erin: I'd love to listen to a podcast about Mount St. Helens. I'll do a search for one.

    Lynne: I have a NEED to get outdoors often. The hikes on this getaway wore me out, but it was a good kind of tired--not caused by stress or worry. As you mentioned, all my senses were engaged and it felt wonderful.

    Thanks to both of you for reading my blog and taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments.


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