Friday, March 16, 2018

Kilauea #Lighthouse, #Kauai, Hawaii - #SaturdaySnapshots

One of the most interesting places we visited on Kauai was also about the windiest place I've ever been. A docent who volunteered on the grounds offered to take our picture, which was nice, but we both felt as if our hair was standing on end and our clothes were about to be ripped from our bodies. Everyone said the strong winds were very unusual. They were definitely unusual for me! The views from the point were dramatic, however, and well worth the windy buffeting. 
[Click on photos to enlarge.]

The lighthouse became operational in 1913. It was decommissioned in 1976 and a three-year restoration was completed in 2013.

The lighthouse is located within the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

I zoomed in a little to capture waves crashing against the cliffs.
The seas all around us roared and churned. Those white spots on the hillside are birds.
Even the birds were having a hard time with the wind.
Until I saw this picture, I didn't realize how dorky I looked
in my black sneakers and socks. Oh, well. What the heck.
I did a lot of walking that day, and my feet were comfortable.

The lighthouse interior was not accessible.

We were told that whales were probably in the area. It was the right time of year. However, with the white-capped waves, we couldn't distinguish a whale spout from spray from the breakers! Our resort was in Princeville, and the lighthouse was only about seven miles down Highway 56.

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  1. Love the sox, but where's the hair standing on end?! Great photos, as always.

  2. Great shots....I love lighthouses, and I've enjoyed books in which people lived in them.

    Comfort is more important than anything...but no, you don't look dorky. But I often go for comfort, too.

  3. Was this recent? Love Kaui. I want to go back! Lighthouses are a favorite of mine too.

  4. Judy, Laurel-Rain, and Grace: Thanks for commenting on my blog post. We enjoyed Kauai, even though we had rain almost every day.
    Judy: Since we looked like we'd been sandblasted, I didn't post a close-up.
    Laurel-Rain: I love lighthouses, too. The ones on the Oregon coast are especially interesting.
    Grace: We were in Kauai from February 25th through March 2nd. I wish we could have stayed longer. The weather improved after we left.

  5. You captured the force of the wind well in your photos and that is difficult to do.

    You look adorable in the black socks and shoes.

  6. Un lugar precioso. Los faros tienen un encanto especial

  7. Such a beautiful place...but it's too bad it was so windy!

  8. It looks like a great time, even with the wind. Personally, I have stopped caring what I look like if I dress for comfort!


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