Monday, February 12, 2018

Miller's Valley - #TeaserTuesday and First Chapter / First Paragraph / Tuesday Intros

I've almost finished reading Miller's Valley, and I'm loving it. Here's the opening:

First Paragraph:
It was a put-up job, and we all knew it by then. The government people had hearings all spring to solicit the views of residents on their plans. That's what they called it, soliciting views, but every last person in Miller's Valley knew that that just meant standing behind the microphones set up in the aisle of the middle school, and then finding out afterward that the government people would do what they planned to do anyhow. Everybody was just going through the motions. That's what people do. They decide what they want and then they try to make you believe you want it, too.

And here's a Teaser from Page 166:
I guess there are times in your life that tell you what you're made of, the weeks after you bring a colicky baby home from the hospital, the year when you lose your job and the number on your checking account just gets smaller and smaller until it looks like it's going to wink out like daylight on a January afternoon. This was my time.

For generations the Millers have lived in Miller’s Valley. Mimi Miller tells about her life with intimacy and honesty. As Mimi eavesdrops on her parents and quietly observes the people around her, she discovers more and more about the toxicity of family secrets, the dangers of gossip, the flaws of marriage, the inequalities of friendship and the risks of passion, loyalty, and love. Home, as Mimi begins to realize, can be “a place where it’s just as easy to feel lost as it is to feel content.” 

Genre:  Women's Fiction / Family Saga
Amazon Link: Miller's Valley
Book Length: 257 Pages (Trade Paperback)
Author Website: Anna Quindlen
NOTE: I picked up this book at a book-swap shelf.

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  1. I read Miller's Valley last year. I liked it okay, although I can't say I loved it. It looks like you're liking it more than I did.

  2. I've only read one book by Anna Quindlen - Blessings, which I enjoyed. I've been meaning to read more of her books - this one looks interesting - it sounds like there are changes in Miller's Valley that aren't popular.

  3. I've enjoyed several other books by this author. Haven't read her in a while, though.

  4. I don't think I've read any of her books. She has such a loyal fan base though. I'm wondering if I should give one a try.

  5. I love this author...and I loved this book, too. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the pleasure of immersing myself in it.

    Here's mine: “LOOK FOR ME”

  6. I'm not sure if I'd keep reading just from the intro, but the synopsis and teaser grabbed my attention.

  7. Not my type of book, but that intro does ring true.

  8. I like the teaser. Sounds like it's well written. Hope you're enjoying it! My Teaser

  9. This sounds like something I would like. I'm going to add it to my list.

  10. It sounds a bit depressing to me. No one listens at city hall and life just sprialling into debt.


  11. Ouch! This one certainly has a strong feeling of reality about it... I hope you are enjoying, Sandra:).

  12. I love family sagas. I do like this author.

  13. Not my usual genre but I like the writing style. Today I have Murder in Bloomsbury by D. M. Quincy. Happy reading!

  14. I do like an opening that makes you say 'that is so true!' and that's what this one does for me. Enjoy!

  15. This is why I enjoy I can't remember most of the books I've read, so I write reviews, largely to remind myself. I thought, this looks familiar. And sure enough: 5 stars on Goodreads. Here's my review:

  16. Thanks for posting the link to your review, Lynne. I agree with every word. I'll be reading more books by this author.

  17. Sounds interesting! Something I would definitely read.


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