Friday, December 1, 2017

Talus Rocks - #SaturdaySnapshots

Another senior center hike -- this one in the Talus Rocks area of Tiger Mountain.

Definition of talus
1 :a slope formed especially by an accumulation of rock debris. 
2 :rock debris at the base of a cliff. 

The aptly named Talus Rocks Trail took us to this accumulation of huge boulders. For scale: the wooden barricade is about four feet tall. Also, check out a few of the senior center hikers in the background.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

A tight squeeze between those giant-sized rocks!

Taking a few minutes to grab a drink of water in a beautiful setting.

Altogether we covered seven miles with an overall elevation gain of 1,000 feet. Whew! My only complaint (besides being tired at the end) is that the trails were covered with a layer of wet leaves which hid slippery rocks. It would have been easy to turn an ankle on a hidden obstacle. It might be better to explore these trails in spring or summer when rocks on the path would be visible. 

We started at the hiking symbol on the map below (Tradition Plateau) and meandered along the trails in this order (as best I can remember): 

Bus Trail (there's an abandoned, rusty school bus by the trail - wish I'd paused to take a picture!)
Nook Trail
Talus Rocks Trail
Section Line Trail
High School Trail
Adventure Trail
Brink Trail (overlooks a deep ravine)
Bonneville Trail
Swamp Trail (alongside a boggy area)
Around the Lake Trail

FYI: The Swamp Trail (a 1/3-mile-long self-guided trail) features "Zoe and the Swamp Monster" with placards along the path that tell a story. My granddaughter would love it! (Link: Swamp Trail)

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  1. Beautiful shots! I would be too afraid because of the wet leaves. Sounds like a perfect hike for spring. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. I'd be huffing and puffing on that hike. 7 miles would have done me in. As always, love the pictures.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel-Rain and Kelly. This was a fun hike although there were challenging parts. I definitely "huffed and puffed" on a couple of long uphill stretches.

  4. Wonderful and impressive landscape!
    Greetings from Germnay

  5. (yes, I am at least a week behind but will also check out today's post!)

    This looks like another amazing hike! The landscape is the NW looks so completely different from the rest of the country - so lush and green. I can;t wait tp get out there and explore, once we are able to travel for longer.

    Thanks for sharing!


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