Friday, August 4, 2017

#Waterfalls - #Olympic Peninsula, WA - #SaturdaySnapshots

Today's focus is on waterfalls. Recently, I participated in a three-day getaway with the hiking group from the Auburn, WA, Senior Activity Center. We had a fantastic time in the northern part of Washington State's Olympic National Park. For the next few weeks I'll be posting photos from our adventure. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Our first destination was Sol Duc Falls (visited on July 17). Trail maps indicated a 5.5 mile round-trip hike via the Sol Duc Falls Trail and Lovers Lane Trail, but our FitBits and other GPS devices showed that we covered 7+ miles. (My FitBit showed a total of 9.3 miles for the day!) We were sure tired by the time we got back to the van! 

A portion of the trail to the top of Sol Duc Falls.

To get an idea of the size of the falls, find the person
on the viewing platform at the right of the photo.
The falls tumble 48 feet into a narrow canyon.
This notice gave us pause!

What a joy it is to walk alongside a gurgling mountain
stream. Wish I could have taken off my boots and soaked
my feet in the icy water.

Ninety-foot-tall Marymere Falls is about 1.8 miles
from our camp at Crescent Lake, WA
This portion of the trail to Marymere Falls
led up a steep narrow path.
Much of our hike took us through old growth forest.
My earlier post about the Nature Bridge facility at Lake Crescent is HERE
More info about Sol Duc Falls and Sol Duc Hot SpringsHERE
and HERE.
Overview of Marymere Falls and Marymere Falls Nature Trail: HERE.

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  1. I love those big trees, and waterfalls are my favorite things in Nature. As a kid I hiked to the top of some falls at Yosemite....but hiking at my age, probably not. Kudos to you! Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

    1. I love waterfalls and the sound of rushing water... maybe because I'm a Pisces? Walking along a river or stream is heaven to me.

  2. I'm a big waterfall fan. Thank you for sharing these photos. I'd love to visit this spot someday.

    1. My husband actually teases me about my waterfall obsession. If there's one nearby where we're traveling, he knows I'll insist on stopping to see it.
      Thanks for leaving a comment on my post.

  3. I love trekking and hearing the sound of water as it passes me by!

  4. What an adventure! The waterfalls and scenery are breathtaking. I admire your endurance for 9.3 miles!!! The bear sign would have scared me off for sure! Glad you enjoyed it and didn't encounter any bears

    1. Although I didn't see any bears, some people in our group took a walk later in the day and actually did see a bear. I must admit that I'm glad I missed that.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. How gorgeous! I love water falls.

  6. Oh, I have always wanted to see Olympic NP! I love waterfalls :) We went on lots of waterfall hikes in NH's White Mountains a few years ago.

    Gorgeous photos - sounds like a wonderful hike!


    Book By Book

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sue. I hope you get to visit Olympic NP. It's a beautiful place. Maybe someday I'll see the waterfalls in the White Mountains.

  7. Hurricane Ridge is one of my all-time favorite places. Thank you for the gift of your pictures. It reminds me I need to get off my duff and experience life instead of just writing about it.


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