Friday, May 5, 2017

Tea for Three - #SaturdaySnapshots

In anticipation of my granddaughter Corrina's sixth birthday, I asked her mom for gift ideas. Marina suggested an "experience" rather than toys. Since Corrina and I almost always have tea parties when she comes to my house, I thought an extra-fancy, real-life tea party would be fun. So I made a reservation for the three of us for afternoon tea at the Secret Garden Tea Room in Sumner, Washington. 

In preparation for the occasion, Corrina donned her fanciest dress and hand-colored a bow for her hair. Here she's sipping sparkling apple cider with a cup of herbal tea nearby, ready for tasting.

The menu for our special occasion Rose Celebration Afternoon Tea:

Commemorative Photograph
Pot of Tea (or other beverage)
Royal Sparkling Wine or Apple Cider
Cheese & Fruit Plate
*Endless Scones with Devonshire Cream, Jam & Lemon Curd
Tiered rack with Tea Sandwiches,
Savories, Fresh Fruit
Petite Pastries and Sweets
Individual Chocolate Rose Cake
in Raspberry Coulis

Corrina was delighted when our goodies were served on fancy tiered racks. (Two tiers all for Corrina; three tiers for Marina and I to share.) 

We used fancy serving tools - a filigreed pie server and tiny tongs for our sugar cubes - and sipped our tea from china cups. Elegant!

We all agreed that the scones, served with Devonshire cream, jam, and lemon curd, were our favorites.

Every birthday celebration must have cake with a candle.

The server took our official photo to commemorate the special day. (I think she must have used a wide-angle lens... or else we ate more than I realized!)
We'll remember this special birthday celebration for a long time.

PS: Here's a link to the tea room's website: Secret Garden Tea Room & Gift Shop

FYI: The Secret Garden  is located in a beautiful Victorian Mansion in Sumner, WA. The charm of the original Queen  Anne and Italianate architecture provides an elegant, yet warm ambiance in which to enjoy a scrumptious lunch or a traditional English-style Tea Set served on a 3-tier stand.  Our gift shop is stocked with tea-time treasures and a variety of delightful gifts, fanciful jewelry and clothing, and charming accents for your home. 

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  1. I'll bet that she'll remember this as the best birthday ever for a long time! Experiences can be so much more rewarding than objects, and I know I would've loved this one as a kid!

    1. I credit my daughter-in-law for suggesting we do something special. Our fancy tea party was definitely a memorable event. Of course, we also gave Corrina a couple of little gifts!

  2. What a lovely idea! My granddaughter is going to be 7. I'm motivated to find a place where we can do that! You are a fine grandmother, Sandy.

    1. Thank you, Lynne! The party was as much fun for me as it was for my granddaughter. It's not often that we get to dress up.
      Another possible experience was a short train ride in nearby Snoqualmie, WA. Maybe we'll do that next year.

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous tea! I have only had an experience like this one once...when some colleagues took me out for High Tea after my retirement.

    Ours was also in a Victorian house...but they no longer serve that special High Tea there. Your granddaughter will cherish the will you. Great photos!

    1. The only comparable experience I've had was high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. But this celebration with my granddaughter was even more special.

  4. What a fantastic idea for a birthday gift. I am am sure she will remember it much more that a toy etc. She is very pretty.

    1. Thank you! I know I'll remember it for a long time too.

  5. Delightful photo essay, Sandy. I love Secret Garden but seldom get there, it's so busy now. So glad you and Corrina and Marina had such a great time.

    1. I don't go there often; however, I usually get their quiche or the salad trio: Cashew Chicken, Orzo Pea, and Frosty Cranberry Salads, and a warm scone. Delicious, and the cranberry salad feels like dessert. We should go there for lunch.

    2. MMM...sounds like a plan!

  6. Fantastic idea for birthday. Corrina will always remember that day.


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