Friday, September 9, 2016

Fredericksburg, #Texas, PTA #Cookbook - #SaturdaySnapshots

Because my husband loves to cook (lucky me!) we have a huge collection of cookbooks. One of the first ones we acquired was issued by the Fredericksburg, Texas, PTA (1965 Edition) and was given to us by my husband's mother. 

A little history: According to the Texas State Historical Association, the first wagon train of 120 settlers arrived at the Fredericksburg townsite on May 8, 1846, after a sixteen-day journey from New Braunfels, TX. Surveyor Hermann Wilke laid out the town, which was named Fredericksburg after Prince Frederick of Prussia. The town was laid out like the German villages along the Rhine from which many of the colonists had come. 

[Click on cookbook pages to enlarge.]

The cookbook covers everything from soup to nuts ... and more! I've included some of the more unusual and interesting recipes below. I wonder if some of them were carried over from early editions of the book. 
Some of these soups sound pretty good, but... when was the last time you ground up some liver for a dumpling? 

Have you plucked a duck lately? In Rabbit De Luxe, I imagine it would be practical to use a "tame" rabbit as opposed to wrestling a wild one into the stewpot! (I'm just being silly.)

Noodles and dumplings are a big part of German cuisine.

The cookbook also includes a large selection of cookie recipes, many of them traditional.

This information on substitutions and can sizes is quite helpful.

And one last helpful bit of advice to wives (below). By the way, I thought the way the contributors' names were shown was interesting. Rather than being listed as Helga Reichenau or Heidi Keidel, they're shown as Mrs. Hubert Reichenau and Mrs. Victor Keidel.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my vintage cookbook. Let me know if you try any of the recipes I've posted!

More: Fredericksburg History

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  1. Ba ha ha!! Love the guide for preserving a husband. Mr Seasons & I had a good chortle over that (as he was cleaning up the kitchen)!

  2. Those sound like luxurios recipes- Good luck with that!

    Have a good weekend

  3. Yes, Fredericksburg! We've been through it many times, and I know about its German heritage. Thanks for sharing the cookbook. My grandma was German and she tended to cook heavy, savory meals.

  4. Love this! What a hoot!

  5. these old cookbooks are so interesting. I love looking through them.

  6. That last bit about preserving a husband made me laugh.

    Interesting, historical cookbook....and I am curious about the contributors who refer to themselves by their husbands'

    Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  7. Love this post, Sandy. It's so interesting how customs, perceptions, and even recipes have changed through the years!

  8. My husband enjoys cooking, and we both enjoy eating. I'm the sous chef, so that means I get out all the ingredients, peel the carrots, de-seed the bell peppers, and do whatever prep work is needed. Then he creates! I also do the clean-up. It has worked out well for us for almost 46 years.

  9. What fun! Except liver dumplings? Ugh. The "How to Preserve a Husband" is priceless.

    I have a Sauk Prairie cookbook from the 1920s and still use some of the recipes.

    Great stuff, Sandy. Keep up the blogs.

  10. I love these "homemade" cookbooks. I've participated in a few over the years and have kept them too. It's fun to look back at them. I have one from the 1960s that is similar in that there is no one woman's name. The women are only identified by their husband's names. (I was married in 1964 and was shocked to learn that the official world wanted me to disappear. I wouldn't let it happen and I'm still sensitive about it.) Thanks for sharing your first cookbook. It brought back memories.

  11. Margot: I bought a car while single and paid it off after my husband and I married. I was shocked when he had to sign the pay-off paperwork too, even though I had made all the payments and was working! Times have definitely changed for the better.

  12. My husband and I have a large assortment of cookbooks too. His favorite are the practical ones, but I enjoy the regional ones. The recipes in those sometimes require unavailable ingredients or are dated, but the cookbook reveals much about the culture and so becomes an interesting keepsake. Thanks for sharing The Fredericksburg cookbook.

  13. What a fun find! I love the wisdom that is found in books like this.


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