Friday, June 24, 2016

Bouncy & #Bungee - Saturday Snapshots

Recently, my grandniece  (age 10) and granddaughter (age 5) spent a rainy day at Super Jump Party Zone. They had a ball! 

First they headed to the yellow bouncy house and bouncy slides in the photo above. The facility also has an even bigger bouncy house maze and a rock climbing wall, that I somehow didn't get a picture of, as well as a separate bouncy area for smaller children.

The highlight for both girls, however, was the bungee trampoline. They squealed with delight as they went zooming up toward the ceiling and then plummeted down again. 

Here's my 10-year-old grandniece.

And here's my 5-year-old granddaughter on her way up...

...and zooming back down.

I'll confess that my stomach did as many somersaults as my granddaughter's did, and I probably have a few new gray hairs, but the girls loved it.

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  1. Yahoo! I sure would like to do that myself:) Of course my back likely couldn't take it! Still....

  2. What! You didn't try???LOL
    There was a time I might have but they are long gone.

  3. What great fun! Brave girls!

  4. Is your 5 year old granddaughter usually a thrill seeker? Or did the 10 year old encourage her? My granddaughters were not so anxious to attempt such a thing at age 5.

  5. Grammajudyb: My granddaughter is rather adventurous, but in this case, the 10-year-old went first and I think that made her feel more comfortable trying the bungee thing. She has done ziplining (kid-sized) and loves it.

  6. This looks like so much fun. Do they have one for grownups? Great pictures.
    Thanks for the congratulations on my new novel. You know the challenges of trying to get it out there to readers. Here's Mine

  7. I'm so out of tune, I didn't realize there was anything like this. I have to admit it looks like fun and something I'd enjoy...if I were younger. But to watch a grandchild do it, my stomach would be in flips, too!

  8. I'm with Kathy - I am unaware of this kind of fun. I'm going to check to see if there is something like this near us. My grandchildren would love it. Thanks for your bright and cheerful photos.

  9. Time spent with kids are THE best!

    I used to spend a lot of time with my nephews and nieces. All grown up now...I hope my married niece has a child soon...

    Taking part in Saturday Snapshot after very long...

    Here is my post

  10. What fun! Thanks for sharing....and enjoy your times with those granddaughters.

  11. Those places are a lot of fun. My 18-year old son and his friends still like to go to them! We rented a giant bouncy house for his high school graduation this month! lol

    Have a good week -


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