Saturday, May 28, 2016

Vandalism - Saturday Snapshots

I try to have a positive attitude, and most of the time I succeed, but vandalism fills me with dismay. Here are some photos I took at a local park a couple of days ago. We've been taking our granddaughter to the "Discovery Playground" for several years. It has lots of fun things for her to do, and the surface beneath the swings and other equipment is cushioned. The barrier-free playground (built to be accessible to disabled children) opened in 2010.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Left: 2016 - The one remaining mallet is taped to a cord. Also, the seesaw (silver arch) is missing and only its supports remain.
Right: 2014 - Two mallets once made lots of music.

Left: My granddaughter playing on the fitness equipment. There were three like this. Now only one is still intact.
Right: Damaged equipment with most of it missing. 
Duct tape? Are you kidding me?


Left: The last time we came to this park, there were two swings - one plastic, made for infants and toddlers; the other for bigger kids. Now there's only one.
Right: Obviously, the "river" is choked with sand. I'll admit this was an ill-conceived idea from the get-go. Not all kids who come to the park are supervised, and kids are surely going to get sand in the water if it's only steps away! 

Chunks of the playground's surface were also missing here and there.

I plan to contact our town's parks department to see if there are plans to address this problem. I just can't understand why some people feel the need to destroy things.

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  1. I will never understand vandalism especially of facilities intended for the enjoyment of everyone. Just plain sick! :(

  2. We didn't stay at the park long. Both my granddaughter and I were disappointed.

  3. It just does not make sense. Especially at the park.

  4. Oh, I am sickened by the destructiveness of some which ruins things for all. Thanks for sharing...and good luck with the parks department.


  5. Ugh! How disappointing! Things like that drive me crazy as well....

  6. It's so sad that your park was vandalized!

  7. Vandalism is such an unnecessary act. Our local soccer club had just spent a lot of time & money on seeding and fertilising the home ground fields, when the night before the first game, a group of idiots broke the fence and drove their car all around, ripping up the turf and making a real mess.

    Heartbreakingly disappointing.

  8. So sad...I'll never understand destructive behavior. Too bad they don't have surveillance cameras and stiffer penalties!

  9. It is such a shame, especially when so many people get pleasure from the park.

  10. As others have already said, I can't understand why people should wreck things like this but, sadly it happens all too often. I did a post, then dashed off to London to see my younger daughter before Melinda posted her link, so I'm late linking in to it but my post is at

  11. What a shame. It seems some don't value the small things that enrich our lives. It's hard to catch the culprits, but when they do, how appropriate if the court would make them fix it and fork out their own funds to do it. I recently read where a "tagger" was forced to clean up his own mess. I thought that was a very appropriate punishment.
    Thanks for sharing, Sandy.
    Kelly Marshall

  12. Sad that humans do that. But, I guess that's the risk you take. I do hope that things are made right and stay that way.

  13. That really is such a shame because the kids suffer for it. I feel the same about vandalism of any sort. I hope the parks and recreation departments are able to patrol, repair, and make it what it should be again.


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