Friday, August 7, 2015

Pianos on Parade - 2015 - Saturday Snapshot

Last August, I posted photos of Pianos on Parade in Auburn, Washington. So when an email arrived several days ago, saying the art installation was back for another year, I grabbed my camera! Here are this year's artists' interpretations of pianos like you've never seen them before. 

Click on photos to enlarge. If you'd like more information on the pieces and/or artists, here's the website: Pianos on Parade 2015

Happy Trees

Mr. Tubehead

LOVE those crazy keys!

Underdog animals
These posters said "8 1/2 year old burrito unicorn
dearly missed by his family"
My favorite: Steampunk
It was fun seeing the piano's internal workings.
Yes, all the pianos were playable.
If you're curious about last year's pianos, here's the link to my 2014 post:

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  1. Wow, such gorgeous versions of a lovely musical instrument. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. What a great variety!! I like the Steampunk one too. I like all such art displays. Several years ago in our town, they had painted/decorated horses. I have seen cowboy boots in Cheyenne our state capital and buffalo on the street corners of Custer SD. Some are so inventive. Thanks for sharing the pianos.

  3. I love this type of display too. I've seen horses, pigs, and other animals that were painted or covered in mosaic tiles. Fun!

  4. These are wonderful installations! Whimsical and original. We only had cows here in our city, a few years back. Yes, decorated cows in various locations. But I'd rather have pianos. ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Arti and Laurel-Rain. The pianos were fun, especially since passersby could actually play them. If I'd realized that, I would have practiced a piece ahead of time.

  6. These are fabulous! Can you actually play the pianos????

  7. How unique and just plain cool.

  8. Steampunk is my favorite too! What fun! I wish something like this would come to my area!

  9. Very cool - so many unique creations! I like the Candyland one.


    Book By Book

  10. These photos were so fun I had to check out your post from last year too. I don't know you picked out a favorite. They're all so creative!

    In our state, I've seen bikes and ice-cream cones. This kind of art is so bright and colorful. One can't help but smile upon seeing the stuff!


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