Saturday, January 4, 2020

#Portugal Graffiti

Art or vandalism?

This one was 3-dimensional and composed of found objects. I'd definitely call it art!
More info about this sculpture HERE.

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  1. Beautiful photos, and the work is definitely artistic, IMO. It reminds me of photographs my eldest son took of the old Berlin Wall on the 20th anniversary of when it "came down."

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so impressed. That kind of graffiti is wonderful.

  3. If it is graffiti, it's the most artistic graffiti I've seen!

  4. I love seeing street art but it is sometimes hard to know. I think some of the graffiti artists could put their talents to "real" art. Happy travels and thank you for visiting my blog last week.

  5. A bit of both, I think! :) :) I'm not a fan of scrawl, but some of the portraits and characters are real works of artistry. Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

  6. How interesting! Love the artwork, especially that huge rabbit!

    Join me at My Corner of the World

  7. Graffiti can give color to the neighborhood. My favorite is the 3 dimensional rabbit.

  8. I like your walk. I think the difference between graffiti and street art is that one's wanted and one's not. Doesn't mean both can't be art, though.


  9. ...first off you should link this post at Monday Murals:

    I my eye some of these, particularly the rabbit aren't graffiti, but perhaps street art! It amazes me how uniform graffiti and its lettering is around the world. Did they all read the same book? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. wow - that rabbit is amazing -and so 3D!! Its interesting what we see as art vs graffitti ;-)

  11. Fascinating! That huge rabbit is my favourite!

    Happy Friday!

  12. Thanks for popping by my blog Sandra.
    That rabbit is fabulous, I haven't seen it in person, but I have seen one of Bordalo II 3D mural in Lisbon.
    I've been reading about your trip to Portugal. Lovely photos, hope you enjoyed it.
    The delicious Portuguese food is what I most miss in Australia.
    If you have more murals please join me on Monday Murals (post goes live at 12,01am Monday, Western Australian time).

  13. Colorful and creative graffiti and great photos ^_^

    Happy Moments to You ,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. I like wall are except when it is graffiti and not in my eye art

  15. I love to photograph murals and graffiti. I love the rabbit! I've been on city photo safaris in Belize this week. Lots of colorful graffiti here too.

  16. the graffitis are wonderful!!! the Photos are great!!!
    Have nice weekend, Elke

  17. Both. A lot of the time there's art is graffiti.
    Great collections of photographs of graffiti.

    And, Happy 2020, Sandra. :)

  18. Wonderful street art - love the bunny rabbit. Aren't those cobblestones awesome too!
    Have a great week!
    Wren x

  19. Beautiful artwork. We have some murals like that around where I live in Massachusetts as well. They don’t have the Portuguese flair but they are wonderful to see.

  20. Definitely art. Must be, because I like it very much, and I usually dislike graffiti. I guess it really depends on what the property owners say, whether it’s vandalism or not, but seems like about anybody would be happy to have those.

  21. A good question - to which I do not have a good answer.

    Some 'street art' will feature on my blog soon - so whatever it is, I tend to photograph the bits I like!

    Cheers - Stewart M - (finally back in) Melbourne

  22. To my mind there's both street art and graffiti, graffiti being just senseless scrawl where street art is exactly that - proper art done by very talented amateur artists. I developed a liking for proper street art in July last year and photographed lots of it in different places for my own blog.

    As soon as I saw the rabbit on here I knew who had done it, though my info (wrongly?) led me to believe the guy is Italian. I was in Dublin last month and found a gable end wall with an outline where a mural had once been - it had been a red squirrel made out of different bits of trash found in and around the city though it had to be removed on the orders of the city council to make way for the plot to be redeveloped, although nothing has been built there yet. A shame really, if the squirrel was anything like your rabbit it would have been wonderful.

  23. Street art livens a city......enjoyed your post


  24. Bright and beautiful decoration of old houses and streets! I am delighted!


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