Monday, November 18, 2019

Food and Restaurants - #Portugal

Part of the fun of traveling (to me) is the food just waiting to be discovered. While in Portugal recently, I had the most wonderful tiny cafes, in large restaurants, alongside narrow passageways, and overlooking beautiful vistas. Here are pictures of some of the delicious meals I enjoyed. (Click on photos for a closer look.)

While in Lisbon, we walked to the nearby Pastelaria Guadalupe de Alfama for breakfast most mornings. The place was almost always packed. The ratio of bakeries to residents is extremely high in Portugal.

We sampled the Pastéis de Belém (more than once!) at the Lisbon bakery that originated the treat. The pastry has a flaky crust and egg custard filling and tastes best when it's hot from the oven, sprinkled with cinnamon. The line for the shop usually stretched out the door, and crowds filled the sidewalk in front of the blue awnings.

I took this photo in the evening before the pastry shop closed.

I love soups and stews, and Portugal's restaurants served me a delicious selection.

This traditional Portuguese dish is called a cataplana (fish stew) and is named after the copper cooking device in which it's cooked. Cataplanas are unique to the Algarve region of Lisbon. 

Kale soup.

This tapas restaurant offered indoor dining or tables alongside the narrow road, overlooking the Douro River and Ponte de Dona Maria Pia bridge in Porto.

The challenge of eating at this little cafe was to stay on your chair and avoid tumbling down the slanted walkway.

This was one of the prettiest and most delicious dishes I had. The thinly sliced salmon reminded me of lox, served on bread that contains arugula (that gives it the green color), with a dollop of creme fraiche. It's served with ripe olives in the center and a splash of olive oil with herbs on the plate. 

Almost all supermarkets sold slabs of salted cod. They didn't look appetizing to me!

We visited a store (conserveira) that sold nothing but fish preserved in tins--sardines, mussels, mackerel, etc., canned in various sauces and spices--as well as pâtés. One evening we opened a couple of tins and had the fish on slices of crusty bread with a bottle of wine. A feast!

A visit to Time Out Market in Lisbon offers a sampling of Portuguese cuisine. Booths line the building's perimeter, and the whole place smells divine. I had a cod croquette, beef empanada, and glass of lemonade with mint. Delicious!

With all the walking we did--up and down hills--I didn't gain any weight during this vacation. Given all the delicious food I ate, that's a miracle!

If you're a Netflix subscriber, watch the "Somebody Feed Phil" episode where he visits Lisbon. 

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  1. Well now I'm starving after reading your great post!

  2. I too love soups! They look marvelous. But you can eat my share of canned fish next time you visit. :-)

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time, Sandy! All the food looks scrumptious. Attractively served, too. I'm also a soup fan. Did you get any recipes?

  4. Great post, Sandy. I love to read about the food served in different parts of the world. Looks like you sampled some wonderfully delicious stuff.

  5. This made me hungry. Heading for kitchen soon. Hmmm. Peanut butter, maybe? Not fancy but readily available. GRIN.

  6. Wow, this is fascinating. That salmon on toast with arugula is like the prettiest thing I have ever seen foodwise. Amazing soups. What a great post!!

  7. Loved both articles on this trip and look forward to more. I know almost nothing about Portugal, but it sounds like an amazing travel destination from your posts! (Sigh. So many beautiful places, so little time )).

  8. It's not a place where you'll go hungry, is it, Sandy? You made the best of the food stops, for sure. I laughed at the one where you nearly rolled into the street :) :) 2 friends of mine who are great Weightwatchers were really impressed that they ate their fill, with lots of cake, and only gained 1lb. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello,

    The food looks delicious, I would love that first pastry treat. What a great trip!
    Have a great day and new week!

  10. Great scenic photos and bet the food was delicious!

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Fun part of travelling is experiencing their culture, their food, and history. I have enjoyed your photos and stories. Thank you for taking us along on your travels.

  12. Very much enjoying these photos and the commentary. How did you happen to have this opportunity, Sandy? I think staying 2 weeks in any charming place like this would be a dream.

  13. Food really is a good enough reason to travel by itself - everything else is a bonus!!

    Splendid pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Loved this post. The salmon works for me as do pastries!
    We are heading there in January so I have pinned your post!

    Sardines are on my list to try since I've only had the canned ones as a kid and hated them!

  15. The Portuguese food is what is miss most in Australia!
    You made me drool with your photos :)


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