Friday, January 25, 2019

Ruston Way, #Tacoma - #SaturdaySnapshot

Last week I posted photos of the hiking group's outing to Tacoma's Puget Creek Natural Area (HERE). Today I'm sharing pictures of things we saw on the walk along Ruston Way, leading to the hike's trailhead.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

I found details about this bell online:
The Children’s Bell sculpture, which is located at 3800 Ruston Way, was a gift to Tacoma from “Washington Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment (PAVE)” and other private donors in order to celebrate the life, spirit, and accomplishments of Washington PAVE Founder and Director Marty Gentili, who was born on May 28, 1942, and passed away on Feb. 28, 1993. The four-foot-tall bronze bell is decorated with children around the border and is meant to be rung and accessible by people with disabilities, according to Metro Parks Tacoma.

The Firefighters Memorial is located along Ruston Way, in front of the waterfront firehouse & fireboat station in Tacoma, WA. The memorial includes names of fallen local firefighters and a bronze statue of three firefighters, titled "Fully Involved" by sculptor Larry Perkins. Brick pavers are engraved with the names of donors that contributed to the building of the memorial.

This fantasy pterodactyl ("Sugar"), weighing 200 pounds, is part of a weather vane created by Mike Workman (and Janet Nix, painter). The entire weather vane is 28 feet tall, and the bird has an 11-foot wingspan.

Who fastened a Sears Tote-Cycle from the 1960s to this piling? Nobody knows.

Children at play, even on a wintry day. Mount Rainier on the horizon.

Walking back to the van with the snowcapped Olympic Mountains on the horizon.

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  1. Seeing this reminds me of the importance of taking an "art pause," to rest my soul and take in the creativity and in some cases, whimsy. Love the pterodactyls.

  2. Sandy, your photog's eye leads you to notice things others don't. You have wonderful photos to show for it!

  3. Amazing photos, each with a story to tell. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your week.

  4. A big part of my hiking fun includes "little" things I see along the way. Yesterday we paused to watch a salamander creep across the trail, a creature I've never seen before. But if I stopped to take a picture of every interesting encounter, I'd lag far behind my fellow hikers.

  5. Once again you have taken me out of my house and on an excursion. Keep up the great work! Love hearing and seeing where you have been.

  6. Hi Sandra! Many thanks for joining me. That's a fine-looking bell. Puget Sound has always seemed to me to be a great place :) :) Have a good week!

  7. I've walked along Ruston Way many times, yet you're shown me things I've never noticed before.The Children's Bell can no longer be rung. People in the houses on the bluff above complained about the noise. Makes those folks seem like spoil sports, but I can't blame them. The bell had quite a clang and, of course, one clang was never enough.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Sandy.

  8. Colleen: Thanks for leaving a comment on today's post. I'm glad you enjoyed sharing my walk.
    Restlessjo: I'm looking forward to linking with your blog more often in the future.

  9. Dace: I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. After I looked up info about the children's bell online, I wondered if there was a way to ring it. I didn't really stop to study it closely and wished I had. Ruston Way and Ruston Point have sure grown in recent years, haven't they? I'm sure you've witnessed lots of changes, especially since the days of the Asarco smelter.

  10. What a lot you have seen as you were walking. I love the pterodactyls!

  11. I love Ruston Way. It's unique and the walk along the water is refreshment for the soul

  12. Lovely place and beautiful sculptures.


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