Friday, November 9, 2018

#IceCream and #Hiking - #SaturdaySnapshot

If you've visited my blog before, you know I go on walks and hikes with the Auburn (Washington) Senior Activity Center. However, I probably haven't mentioned our reward for all that physical activity. After each outing we stop for ice cream! 

Here are photos of a few of the ice cream parlors we've visited recently. We've all agreed that while McDonald's or Dairy Queen would be acceptable in a pinch, high-end ice cream is our preference. We gladly detour miles out of our way to enjoy first-class treats.
(Click on photos for a closer look.)

At C. C. Espresso and Creamery, on Main Street, Duvall, Washington, I had espresso flavored ice cream. A kid-sized portion was plenty big!

Every time we hike in (or near) Mount Rainier National Park, a stop at Wapiti Woolies is a must. Their ice cream menu includes huckleberry scoops and sundaes, as well as marionberry sorbet. I've tried both flavors, and they're equally delicious. (They have a fantastic selection of hats, gloves, t-shirts, and other necessities, too.)

The most recent addition to our list of ice cream possibilities is Bliss Creamery, located in University Park, Tacoma. They have unusual flavors that I haven't seen anywhere else. After tastes of the lemon ginger poppyseed and pistachio nut flavors, I settled on cardamom apple pear. Delicious!

As we near the senior center after a long day on the trails, we know we can always stop at Gosanko Chocolate in downtown Auburn. Their primary business is chocolates, but they have a pretty good selection of ice cream, too. I love their butter pecan.


With all the ice cream I've had with the walking/hiking group, it's a good thing we get plenty of exercise to offset some of the calories, isn't it?

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  1. These ice cream parlors are the best! Aside from the treat itself, the shops each have delightful things to look at while enjoying the yummy desserts. I really like that vintage one with old telephones.

    Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. I've been to Wapit Woolies and enjoyed their ice cream. We didn't make it up the mountain this summer though. It's always a favorite trip. I'll keep going until that girl blows her top. The goodies look fabulous.

  3. Laurel-Rain: The ice cream parlor in Duvall was a fun spot. I'd love to go back!
    Grace: I went up to Mount Rainier only once this summer myself, but I did hike nearby several times. It's always a glorious area to visit, plus there's Wapiti Woolies on the way!
    Thanks to both of you for stopping by and leaving comments.

  4. Yum! Who knew, until now, the REAL motivation for your hikes (:

  5. I have to admit, Judy, that the opportunity to visit high-class ice cream parlors is one of my motivations to hike. Unfortunately, I probably take in more calories than I expend!

  6. Lol I love that you reward yourselves with ice cream! We are fans of ice cream in this house too. :)

    The Wapiti Woolies place looks awesome! And the flavors at Bliss Creamery made me hungry. I would like some Honey Lavender please!

    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, yum. I've had chocolates from Gosanko's. Big smile.

  8. I love Gosanko's chocolate... and their ice cream is good, too.
    Thanks for stopping by, Colleen.

  9. That looks like such a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing it.


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