Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mrs. Pollifax - Three Complete Mysteries - #BookBeginnings on Friday and The #Friday56

Hard to believe I'd never read a Mrs. Pollifax cozy mystery. Well, now I've read three. While recovering from the "crud" that's been going around my part of the country, all I did was read and recuperate. Mrs. Pollifax was good company and didn't seem to mind my coughing and sneezing. My only complaint is that this three-book, hard-backed tome was heavy!

The three books are: The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax, and The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax. My favorite was the "Unexpected" one, which is the first in the series.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Length: 554 Pages (almost two inches thick)
Amazon Link: Mrs. Polifax X 3
I have had this book on my shelf for years--probably bought from a Friends of the Auburn Library sale.

Opening of "Unexpected":
     The nurse walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, and Mrs. Pollifax looked at the doctor and he in turn looked at her. He was a very nice young man, with black hair, very white teeth and horn-rimmed glasses that he removed now, placing the stem of the earpiece between his teeth. "Well, Mrs. Pollifax," he said pleasantly, "I don't know how you manage it, but for a woman of your age you're in fantastically good health. I congratulate you."
    "Oh," said Mrs. Pollifax flatly, and the doctor glanced at her with such a peculiar expression that she added brightly, for his benefit, "Oh!"

The Friday 56 (from page 56 of my hardback book):
Even the homes that showed briefly in the glare of the headlights looked inhospitable, their rooftops barely seen over the tops of high walls that surrounded them. The walls were guarded by huge gateways with iron-studded doors--clearly not a trusting neighborhood, thought Mrs. Pollifax--and then they had left the town behind.

Synopsis (from Amazon): Here in one volume are three Mrs. Pollifax novels by the incomparable Dorothy Gilman. So curl up on the couch or in your favorite chair and follow the world's most unlikely secret agent on three missions filled with intrigue, danger and fun.


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  1. This sounds like an interesting story. I haven't heard of this cozy mystery series before. So thanks for mentioning it.

  2. Ah, the amazing, unexpected, multiple-other-adjectival Mrs. Pollifax! Non-Mrs. P books by the same author are also fun.

  3. This is new to me, but sounds fun, Sandy! I haven't read many cosy mysteries but I'm leaning more and more towards them... :)

    Here is my Friday56 and Book Beginning :

    Enjoy your weekend! It starts here... x

  4. I confess I've never heard of Mrs Pollifax. I bet these are all very likeable mysteries.

    My Friday post

  5. These books sound delightful...I wonder if they are available in Kindle, as I also find long "real" books quite heavy.

    I wonder why the doctor made such a strange remark? LOL

  6. Mrs. Pollifax and i are old friends. I go back and visit her often. Such a delightful lady who hooked me with her long-held, secret desire to be a spy. One of the few complete mystery series on my keeper shelf.

  7. I read these first in my mom's Readers Digest Condensed books. I love Mrs. Pollifax too. This week I am featuring Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs - a new one by a favorite author. Happy reading!

  8. I haven't heard of this series before, but they sound wonderful. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  9. I really need to pick up one of these cozy mysteries some day. This one sounds perfect for the rainy weather I am going to experience this weekend. Enjoy! :)

  10. I have never read any Po;ifax novels either. I am glad she was a good companion while you were sick. Are you feeling better? My Friday Quotes

  11. Sounds like that was a good way to recover. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  12. I have a friend who has read nearly every book in the series. She has given me a few, which I'm saving for a rainy day.

  13. That sounds like a fun read! I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  14. She sounds like quite a character! Happy weekend!

  15. Cozy read are such a comfort. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  16. I hope you are feeling better.

    I don't know these books, but they sound good.

    I like the cover too.

    Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

  17. I've been seeing a lot of cozy mysteries being mentioned on blogs lately - I might need to start trying them.

  18. They're fun, aren't they? That was one of my mom's favorite series, and I always got to read them once she was done. The first one in the series was particularly a hoot.


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