Friday, October 6, 2017

Pratt River Connector Trail - #SaturdaySnapshots

From the Auburn Senior Activity Center brochure:


WTA* volunteers have been working on this trail for 3 years to provide hikers safe access to the Pratt River Trail. The trail crosses the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River turning right to connect with the Pratt River Trail. With an elevation gain of 100 feet the hike offers a relaxing riverside ramble. There are some creek crossings to challenge balance so trekking poles are recommended. 
*Washington Trails Association

Click on photos to enlarge.

Our hike started by crossing this beautiful bridge
over the Middle Fork - Snoqualmie River
Much of the time we could see the river and
hear it in the background.
Mountains filled the horizon.

This rock path is evidence of the hard work
done by the WTA
We walked past huge rock formations.
This one had a cave at its base.
The WT
A built the steps on the far left.
We came around a bend and stopped in awe
at this magnificent view.
At times we walked through shaded woods.
We hiked along the trail for three miles, stopped to
eat lunch, and then turned around and headed back

Back across the bridge, headed home.

More info: HERE

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  1. What a beautiful walk. I've been walking a lot recently but only in suburbia, I'd like to do more walking in the bush.

    1. I recently saw an article about Japanese "forest bathing." It encourages people to get out among trees for improved mental and physical health. Even though my muscles ache after yesterday's 6-mile hike, I believe my hikes and walks are a great benefit to me. I hope you're able to get out into the woods too.

    2. That's funny, I've been reading about forest bathing too in preparation for our trip to japan next year. It's what I thought of straight away when I saw the big beautiful stand of tall trees in the middle of your post. I wanted to hug one of those trees and breathe in their smell :-)

    3. How exciting! I hope you do some forest bathing while you're in Japan. It's a cool idea, isn't it? Most of this hike was in a forested area with tantalizing glimpses of the river and mountains. Just thinking about it is calming.

  2. Awesome trails! And what a great job the volunteers have done. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy.

    1. We are so lucky to have an army of dedicated volunteers who maintain the state's walking and hiking paths. Some areas of this trail had been washed away during storms in the past few winters, but now they're restored and can be safely navigated.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. Replies
    1. It really is a beautiful trail, and it wasn't too difficult.
      I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post.

  4. How absolutely gorgeous! I need to find some friends to hike with. Of course, it's so hot here in the summer I'd wait until fall to do any.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. I'm lucky to live in a temperate climate... generally. However, we had some hot days this past summer. I'd much rather hike or walk in cold weather than in hot.


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