Friday, July 15, 2016

#Hiking Little Si - Saturday Snapshots

I've been having so much fun on my hikes and walks! Here are a few photos from Little Si - my most challenging hike yet. [Click on photos to enlarge.]

The Washington Trails Association (WTA) website says this:
"A sharp incline awaits you as you depart the trailhead, threading you through a few winding switchbacks and well-beaten paths, but do not despair! The hike eventually levels out to reward you with some respite from the calf-burning first quarter mile." 

I apologize for the fuzziness of this photo, but I'm pretty sure I was shaking from the "calf-burning" incline. The trail was steep, laced with rocks and tree roots, and slick with rain. Are we having fun yet?

Huge boulders and sheer rock faces lined much of the trail. I've been told that rock climbers love to tackle them. From the WTA:
"As you continue through this temperate slice of woodlands, you will pass short tangential rock climbing paths, a prominent scree slope, and a boulder field to the west before swooping around the slope at the 1.3 mile mark to make your final push toward the summit."

We stopped for lunch at a sheer drop-off near the top. 

Then we made our way to the summit. My legs were definitely shaking by this point! (The young people with their phones were playing PokemonGo.)

We used a completely different set of muscles to work our way back down. By then we'd been rained on, and the path had even more slick places. Kind of scary to me.

Although comments I found on hiking websites said this hike is good for families, I wouldn't recommend it. Surely it wouldn't be safe to take a child up to the sheer drop-offs near the summit or expect little legs to clamber over the boulders on the path. In some sections, it felt like we were taking stairs two treads at a time!

I'm proud of myself for completing this walk. Even though it's classified as "easy," it was a challenge for me. Perhaps on a dry day it wouldn't be so difficult.

Wikipedia says: "Little Si is a mountain in the US state of Washington, named after its taller neighbor, Mount Si. It has an elevation of 1,576 feet. and lies on the western margin of the Cascade Range just east of the town of North Bend." 

Links to more info: 
Washington Trails Assoc. - "Little Si" - "Little Si Trail"

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  1. Those pictures look absolutely amazing. I love the view from the top- It might have been a calf-burning trek, but it seems like the rest of you had some fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. In general, I enjoyed the hike. It just was more difficult than I'd anticipated. It's good to be challenged, though.

  3. Gorgeous scenery, and I can almost feel my muscles giving out just from looking at the steepness! I definitely haven't hiked like this in many years. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed! That would be a hard hike for me too. I wouldn't like the slippery part at all, but the view is amazing!

  5. Hi,
    Wow that was some hike. Congrats on
    completing the hike. Have a great day!

  6. I often wonder who are these people who rate a trail as easy. From your pictures, it looks challenging to me. Thanks for taking your camera along on your hike. It's the only way I'll ever see Little Si.

  7. I wonder too, Margot. I'm guessing the people who commented and said "good for families," must not have young children.

  8. It does not look like an easy climb to me! You should be proud. Good job!

  9. These are awesome photos. And by the look of the incline, may take longer to soothe those calves afterwards. What a challenge you'd accomplished!

  10. Little Si looks beautiful, but it hardly looks easy! Kudos for completely it, burning calves and all!

  11. Family with teens, maybe. but you're right: it's not a "family" trek.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it - and I'm impressed!

  12. I think your walks are getting more and more ambitious.

  13. I live vicariously through your adventures. It reminds me that I need to enjoy our wonderful neighborhood more.

    Kelly Marshall

  14. Nice, Sandy. I particularly like the composition of the next to last picture! Go you, for completing that challenge!

  15. My ambitiously walking days are far past but it looks like a great time.

  16. Wow, that looks like an amazing hike! What gorgeous greenery! Washington is one of only 3 states I have never been to...and I so want to go!

    Great looks like a fun (but tough) hike. And I am curious - were there Pokemon up on top of the mountain??


    2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

  17. I often find the downhill trek worse on my knees than uphill -- especially when it's wet. Those are some dramatic landscapes. Forests in Missouri look completely different.

  18. The pictures are lovely and I might consider it in dry weather--but definitely not with my kids!


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