Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Creations - Saturday Snapshots

My four-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at our house, and we had a great time crafting together. (Click on photos to enlarge.) 

Here are the snow globes we created.

You can find detailed instructions for making your own snow globes on quite a few blogs (just do a Google search for "Snow Globes Children's Craft"). Martha Stewart even has a how-to video. We used baby oil for the liquid inside the jars and glitter and sequins for the "snow." One observation: The jar with the gold lid sealed better than the one with the red lid, mainly because it required more twists to close it. I ran a line of hot glue around the rims of the jars before affixing the lids.

My granddaughter also had fun gluing sequins to some painted wooden ornaments I had. We used Elmer's Glue on this one. The center of the ornament is supposed to hold a photo, of course, but she wanted to put sequins in there instead. Who am I to stifle her creative instincts?

We had a great time, and my granddaughter was proud of her special Christmas crafts.

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  1. These all look great! I would never have guessed that a 4 year old was the creator:) What great memories she will have of all your times together:)

  2. Hi,
    Beautiful snow globes. Love the Christmas
    ornament, very pretty. Have a great day!

  3. Wonderful to spend time with your granddaughter. I am sure she will keep them always.

  4. I love these!! I need to try it out some time...

    Linda in VA

  5. Making things and making memories, too. Very nice.

  6. Dawson now wants to so this!

    Kelly Marshall

  7. What fun! And everything turned out wonderfully festive!

  8. Your granddaughter appears to be quite creative herself. Such cute ideas too. I wish I had more time to do crafts. I am making southern snowball ornaments this year. Had to scramble to several different neighbors to get the cotton!

  9. How wonderful! I really love handmade ornaments and other decorations. It reminds me of the ones my kids used to make in school and which were on my trees over the years.

    Thanks for sharing...I didn't do a Saturday Snapshot post today, although I got lots of photos of my son and some grandchildren and their friends from our lunch yesterday...for next time.

  10. Sandy, What fun to create with your granddaughter. These look very clever.


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