Monday, July 28, 2014

The Most Unsuitable Wife - Teaser Tuesday & First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros

I do love historical western romances, especially those set in Texas, so I knew I'd enjoy THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE by Caroline Clemmons. What I liked best about this book was the strong heroine. Pearl has been responsible for taking care of other people her whole life, and she doesn't back away from challenges. But her self-sufficiency causes trouble. Drake is completely clueless when it comes to knowing what Pearl wants. He tells her: "I didn't ask you to change who you are. But couldn't you have tried to fit in a little until I got home? Go to a few tea parties and listen to women prattle? How hard could that be?" For Pearl, it's like punishment! A mystery adds tension to the plot--why are bad guys trying to cause Pearl harm?

THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is Book One of The Kincaids Series, and I'm looking forward to reading the others soon.

Texas hill country, March 10, 1878
     "Marry by my thirtieth birthday or lose this ranch to my worthless uncle?" Seething with rage and betrayal, Drake Kincaid stepped off the porch of his ranch house, glared back at his grandfather and cousin Lex. "How could my own flesh and blood put me in this position? All I've worked for hangs by a wedding ring and a lace noose."

TEASER from 24% on my Kindle. 
"He--well, he hates me for having the nerve to turn down his marriage proposal four years ago. Dessie hates me because she knows he asked me before he proposed to her."

Genre: Historical Western Romance
Length: 248 Pages
Amazon Link: The Most Unsuitable Wife
Other Books by Caroline Clemmons: Amazon Author Page

Synopsis from Amazon:
Sensual Western Romance: Pearl Parker has to get her rag tag family away from Piper's Hollow, TN before more mischief finds them. Drake Kincaid's surprise proposal offers the solution she needs. But neither Drake nor Pearl realize trouble will follow them to Texas or why. Pearl is not the wife Drake's grandfather envisioned when he ordered Drake to marry by his 30th birthday. Pearl is not the meek wife Drake envisioned and he soon learns she has a mind of her own. Humor, adventure, murder, kidnapping and arson invade the passion this couple shares.

Most Unsuitable Bride Cover Oops! This book has a new cover! It's gorgeous, isn't it?


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch - Saturday Snapshots

One of my favorite things to do is lunch with a friend. And with so many charming little towns nearby, there's no shortage of cafes and restaurants to try. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite Washington lunch spots close to home. 

I hope you're hungry!

[Click on pictures to enlarge.]

The Kettle in Enumclaw, WA, serves breakfast and lunch.
It's the go-to place for locals because the food is fresh and even
the half-order breakfasts are too big. It's always crowded.

The Secret Garden Tea Room and Gift Shop is housed
in the historic Herbert Williams House in Sumner, WA.
Better make a reservation, especially at Christmas, when the
whole place is lavishly decorated, inside and out.

Though it has changed ownership over the years, the Black Diamond
Bakery has been around since 1884. A deli and cafe were added,
and the bakery still operates. It's located in the town of Black Diamond.

The website says: Situated on a plain outside Enumclaw for the past 93 years,
"The Krain" is the last remaining building in what had been the old
Slovenian town of Krain, which means "at the foothills." 
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Remix - Book Beginnings and Friday 56

I enjoyed escaping to London through the pages of REMIX. The heroine of this story (Caz) restores rocking horses for a living; the hero (Ric) is a rock star in a band named The Voices in My Head. Who could imagine those two together? The author kept me wondering if Ric was scamming Caz or if he really was innocent of the murder everyone seemed to think he'd committed. He seems to be telling the truth, but ... with the drugs and drinking in his earlier years, maybe he actually did kill his friend. Or has he really changed while he's been in hiding?

Book Beginning:
I didn't see the man straight away.
The sun was shining, so I'd taken my breakfast toast and coffee out on the terrace. I strolled to the far corner to admire a view I never tire of: a London roofscape, a glimpse of trees in Hoxton Square two streets away, and the distant Gherkin gleaming in the early morning sun.

The Friday 56 (from 56% on my Kindle):
Ric wore jeans and a white shirt, with most of the buttons undone, and I could hardly take my eyes off him. This was nothing new. Sometimes, when he was out, I'd secretly go to YouTube and watch videos of The Voices performing, so I could stare at him as much as I liked without him noticing and teasing me.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Ric Kealey is the charismatic lead singer of uber-successful band, The Voices in my Head - and he died three years ago. Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her London studio. When Ric turns up, shabby and alive, on Caz's roof terrace, she is reluctantly drawn into investigating the murder that led him to fake his own death. A feel good page turner; contemporary fiction with elements of murder mystery and romance, and a satisfying ending.

Just for fun, I'm including the book's trailer too:

Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Length: 273 Pages
Amazon Link: Remix
Author Website:  Lexi Revellian

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