Monday, October 20, 2014

The Littlest Cowboy - Teaser Tuesday & First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros

Littlest Cowboy6
For once I actually read the first book in a series first! The Littlest Cowboy is Book #1 in the nine-book Texas Brands Series by Maggie Shayne. The story begins when a baby is left at the doorstep on Sheriff Garrett Brand's ranch. The plot develops to include an abusive father, a cattle stampede, and a mobster. Plenty of action and romance.

Right now the ebook is FREE on Amazon.

Book Beginning:
Garrett Brand awoke in a cold sweat, some foreign kind of dread gnawing at his stomach. Heart pounding, he sat up fast and wide-eyed, his fists clenching defensively before he got hold of himself. Blinking the sleep haze from his eyes and taking a few deep breaths, he let his tense muscles relax and unclenched his fists. There was nothing wrong. There was no reason for that panicky feeling that had slipped through him like a ghost slipping through a wall. No reason at all.

Teaser (from 43% on my Kindle):
Somebody wanted Chelsea Brennan dead. The voice on the phone had identified that somebody as Vincent de Lorean, a man as evil as Satan himself.

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Book Length:  190 Pages
Amazon Link: The Littlest Cowboy
Author Website: Maggie Shayne
Author Blog: Maggie's Bliss Blog


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Cinque Terre, Italy - Saturday Snapshot

Here are the last few photos from the Cinque Terre, Italy (2001). Today I'm featuring pictures from Riomaggiori, the easternmost town of the group. 
Click on photos to enlarge.

Riomaggiori, as viewed from the water taxi. Online sources say the town dates from the 13th century.
A closer view. Instead of rows of parked cars, the main thoroughfare
in Riomaggiori is lined with fishing boats.
I included this photo to show the terraced grapevines above the Cinque Terre towns.
They're accessed by foot paths and tiny cable cars just big enough to hold one person. 
Thank you for allowing me to revisit the Cinque Terre over the past few weeks. 
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not Yet - Friday 56 and Book Beginnings on Friday

NOT YET by Laura Ward is a touching coming-of-age romance in the New Adult genre. However, I believe the book will appeal to readers of all ages. (Warning: It does have steamy sex scenes and profanity.) The author's thoughtful portrayal of characters with Down Syndrome and other physical and emotional challenges sets this story apart from other romances. Each chapter includes a "Life Lesson" or "Lesson Learned"--some of them positive, some of them negative. Chapters are labeled "Lesson 1," etc., instead of "Chapter 1." 

First Paragraph:
Lesson 1
     Tightening the thin rubber strap that reached around the back of my head, I adjusted my goggles and stretched my arms, palms up and fingers interlocked, to the sky. I rolled my neck and shook my legs, one at a time, releasing the tension. Stepping to the edge of the pool, I curled my toes over the header and jumped, entering the water in a practiced, smooth glide.
     I was in my happy place.

Friday 56 (from 56% on my Kindle):

     Many times during adolescent tiffs with friends, my mom would ask me, 'What would Evie say?' which always reminded me to get to the heart of the matter--what really is important. My big sister knew a lot. 

Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 254 Pages
Amazon Link: Not Yet


Emma Harris is learning that life is just a series of lessons. 

Lesson #1: Nothing goes the way you plan. 
Lesson #2: You can’t trust men. Especially not the pretty ones. 
Lesson #3: Turns out, appearances are almost always deceiving. 

      Emma thinks she has life all figured out, and what she knows isn't good. For years, she’s put her big sister, who was born with Down syndrome, first. Now Emma’s ready to start her own life, but fate has other plans. To do the right thing for the sister she loves, Emma’s dreams will just have to wait. 
      She doesn't plan on meeting Landon — a rich, flirtatious jock, who never has to wait for anything. Not for attention, not for money, and certainly not for girls. Meeting Emma marks the first time in his life that he’s had to fight for something. And Landon doesn't know how to lose. 
      Emma has no interest in wasting her summer with a superficial guy like Landon. But very soon she realizes she is wrong about him. The question is, can she trust him? Or will he let her down like every other guy in her life? But most importantly, can Emma trust herself enough to live the life she's always dreamed of? 
      Life has a way of sneaking in the most important lessons when you aren't looking. And once the heart gets involved, that's when the real learning begins. 

*** This book is intended for mature audiences. 18 and over!


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Throwback Thursday: "That Touch of Mink"

Have you watched any old movies lately? Last night I came across "That Touch of Mink" on TV (Cary Grant and Doris Day) and marveled at all the changes since 1962, when the movie was released. For example: 

  • The show featured a Univac computer that filled the whole room -- and used punch cards! 
  • The telephones have rotary dials.

Here's the trailer from this classic movie. Let me know what other changes you notice. Would this plot draw many viewers today?