Monday, December 15, 2014

Fat Chance - Teaser Tuesday and First Paragraph, First Chapter

      Who hasn't tried a crazy diet or embarked on an overly ambitious exercise program? Maybe because I could stand to lose a few pounds myself, FAT CHANCE appealed to me. Through the diaries of Zoe and Greg Milton, we experience the couple's attempts to lose enough weight to take home the money in a radio station's weight-loss contest. 
      The author did a great job of poking fun at fad diets and weight loss programs, as well as at radio and TV stations' attempts to boost their ratings with crazy contests. I enjoyed Fat Chance and laughed out loud more than once. Yes, I could relate.

First Paragraph:
Posted January 3rd
Are you a couple?
Are you a FAT couple?
Would you like to win £50,000?
WE want to hear from You!

Stream FM is looking for six overweight couples between the ages of 25 and 65 to take part in our fabulous new competition: 'FAT CHANCE'

Over a six-month period, we'll find out which couple can lose the most weight, and the winners will receive £50,000 

Teaser (from 73% on my Kindle):
     IKEA is master of the impulse buy. You may just go in for something boring, cheap, and necessary, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you won't make it out the other end without having purchased something large, expensive, and blessed with a silly product name.

Genre: Humor / Satire
Length: 289 Pages
Amazon Link: Fat Chance
Author's Website: Spalding's Racket

Synopsis from Amazon:
    Meet Zoe and Greg Milton, a married couple who have let themselves go a bit.
    Zoe was a stunner in her college days, but the intervening decades have added five stone, and removed most of her self-esteem. Greg's rugby-playing days are well and truly behind him, thanks to countless pints of beer and chicken curry.
    When Elise, a radio DJ and Zoe's best friend, tells them about a new competition, it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn their lives around. Fat Chance will pit six hefty couples against one another to see who can collectively lose the most weight and walk away with a £50,000 prize.
     So begins six months of abject misery, tears, and frustration—that just might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them—in another laugh-out-loud look at the way we live now from bestselling author Nick Spalding.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

$3.00 Off Paperbacks

Thinking of buying BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY in paperback? Now's a good time! Sweet Cravings Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing are giving a $3.00 discount off paperback books. 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan - Book Beginnings on Friday and The Friday 56

     I wasn't sure if The Tiger Queens would be my kind of story. Genghis Khan? Mongol hordes? But the author immediately captured my imagination. Life on the Mongolian grasslands, the customs of the different clans, and the roles women played in their civilization--all are revealed through the eyes of women. There's plenty of intrigue, danger, and family drama. The author's descriptions are beautifully written and bring the book to life. She must have done an amazing amount of research.
     The saga begins with a prologue, then Part One, Chapter One: 1171 CE, Year of The Iron Hare. You can read the entire prologue and the beginning of Chapter One on the author's website. 

Book Beginning (Prologue):
Our names have long been lost to time, scattered like ashes into the wind. No one remembers our ability to read the secrets of the oracle bones or the wars fought in our names. The words we wrote have faded from their parchments; the sacrifices we made are no longer recounted in the glittering courts of those we conquered. The deeds of our husbands, our brothers, and our sons have eclipsed our own as surely as when the moon ate the sun during the first battle of Nishapur.

The Friday 56 (from Page 56 in my trade paperback copy):
We faced each other and clasped hands while our mothers wound a single piece of blue yarn around our shoulders, a reminder that we were now bound together. Together, we dropped to our knees nine times to honor the Golden Light of the Sun, the Eternal Blue Sky, the rivers that were the lifeblood of the Earth Mother and the revered mountain Burkhan Khaldun, the khan of all mountains.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Amazon Link: The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan
Length (Trade Paperback): 454 Pages
Author Website: Stephanie Thornton

Synopsis (from Amazon):
      In the late twelfth century, across the sweeping Mongolian grasslands, brilliant, charismatic Temujin ascends to power, declaring himself the Great, or Genghis, Khan. But it is the women who stand beside him who ensure his triumph....
      After her mother foretells an ominous future for her, gifted Borte becomes an outsider within her clan. When she seeks comfort in the arms of aristocratic traveler Jamuka, she discovers he is the blood brother of Temujin, the man who agreed to marry her and then abandoned her long before they could wed.
      Temujin will return and make Borte his queen, yet it will take many women to safeguard his fragile new kingdom. Their daughter, the fierce Alaqai, will ride and shoot an arrow as well as any man. Fatima, an elegant Persian captive, will transform her desire for revenge into an unbreakable loyalty. And Sorkhokhtani, a demure widow, will position her sons to inherit the empire when it begins to fracture from within.
      In a world lit by fire and ruled by the sword, the tiger queens of Genghis Khan come to depend on one another as they fight and love, scheme and sacrifice, all for the good of their family...and the greatness of the People of the Felt Walls.


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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Yankee Club - Teaser Tuesday and First Paragraph / First Chapter

Hang onto your fedora! Author Michael Murphy takes readers on a wild ride through Prohibition-era New York City in this stylish, well-written mystery. From the Broadway stage to the speakeasies of the Bronx, mystery writer (and ex-detective) Jake Donovan rubs shoulders with Cole Porter, Dashiell Hammett, Babe Ruth, and a host of other famous New Yorkers, all while trying to save the United States government and the love of his life from a sinister plot. Does Jake get the girl? Will the bad guys succeed?? You'll keep guessing until the exciting ending. 

First Paragraph:
Chapter 1 - The Return of Blackie Doyle
     As my train drew closer to New York City, the dining car's rhythmic sway offered no comfort to the painful memories I left behind two years earlier. I ignored the blank sheet of paper in front of me. Rain spattered against the window, and lightning streaked above the countryside. The train didn't slow as we headed into a torrential storm.

Teaser Tuesday (from 17% on my Kindle):
     My experience as a detective and mystery writer let me develop insight into the criminal mind, but I'd learned next to nothing about women. However, one thing I knew for certain. When a dish called me darling, she wanted something.

Genre: Mystery / Private Investigators
Book Length: 264 Pages
Amazon link: The Yankee Club

  • Download The Yankee Club now for just 99 cents
  • All That Glitters, the next Jake & Laura Mystery, is scheduled for release in January. It's available for pre-order now at $2.99.
  • Michael Murphy also wrote Goodbye Emily - a novel about Woodstock and one of my favorite books.

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